ALKALINE WATER – Know the secret of making it and you’ll kill cancer

Alkaline water is the next thing that is being used to prevent and kill cancer. However many of us do not know about it and do not know how to make it. This is why I wrote this post, like this you’ll be informed of the positive effect of alkaline H2O.

Why buy alkaline water?

I am sure that you have heard of the pH measures that people have to do in swimming pools. But I am unsure if you know what it is.

When you measure the pH balance, you simply are investigating the level of the acidity and alkalinity in your body. That’s it. You know what is the pH balance. So if your body has the right level of alkaline, it will function properly.

As such it is highly important for you to understand what is the most appropriate level of pH in your body. When you understand this, I’ll let you know why you need to buy or make alkaline water.

What is the most appropriate pH level for your body?

There are mainly two levels of pH state in the body. More detailed levels are also being performed, but let us agree that we have only two states. The first one is the acidic state. It is found when your body has a pH level below 7. The second state is said to be alkaline water with a pH level greater than 7.

If you want to have a source for comparing your level, then we can take pure rainwater as an example. Pure water is said to be neutral. This means it is not below, neither above 7. Pure water has a pH of 7.

When you investigate your own level of pH, you cannot do this for your entire body. You need to take each organ of your body separately and test it for the appropriate level of pH.

For instance, your skin must have a pH value of 5.5. If you look above, this means that your skin is a little bit acidic. On the other hand, your saliva level is between 6.5 to 7 pH. But your digestive tract depends on your digestion stage. You can find values from 1.5 up to 7 (very acidic to neutral).

On the other hand, your blood is a little bit alkaline. Its pH levels swing between 7.35 to 7.45.  That is only true if you are healthy.

To maintain your organ’s pH balance, your body will use both the lungs and kidneys. If you have a pH imbalance known as chronic imbalance, your body strength will slowly deplete. That is why you’ll feel tired and other symptoms.

Why drink alkaline water?

Nowadays, alkaline water plays an important part in helping us. With our ever stressful lifestyle, it is clear that you must drink this water.

You recall that our bodies mainly consist of water. And that if we have the wrong pH levels, then we will affect our health. We can end up being sick, tired, distress to cite just these among many other potential issues.

Currently, most of our diet is acidic. It is based on caffeine, alcohol, chemical sugar, processed foods, and salt.

When our bodies become too acidic, it will have a weakened immune system. An acidic body means headache, heavy fatigue and many times abdominal pain.

So if you do not have the right levels of alkaline or too much acidic, you will end up killing your healthy cells. This will, therefore, lead to corrosion of your tissues.

Unfortunately, these symptoms are not being taken care of by many people. They just think it is a headache and treat the headache using one of these nice chemical medicines. However, they do not treat the real issue, which is the level of pH in your body.

In cases that you do not react for a long period of time, your body will do something to fight the issue. What you do not know is that your body will build up excess acidic substances to try and balance the system again. The reality is that the acid will be so high that many cells will die. The one that stays alive will become malignant and you know what that means.

Unfortunately, the cycle becomes worse. More cells become malignant causing metastasis.

Alkaline water to fight and prevent cancer 

Alkaline water is one of the most powerful means of cancer. In our bodies, we have what I would call a surveillance system. The job of this system is to monitor your body pH balance. Its job is also to eliminate strong acidic remains.

It has an even more important job, which is to eliminate the acidic substance without damaging your healthy cells. What is really important for you to know is that the surveillance system can be overwhelmed by requests. The burden can become a little too much and consequences are dreadful.

So if you provide enough alkaline water to your body, then you can prevent cancer and the destabilization of your body.

Alkaline water is also good to hydrate your tissue. So if you hydrate your body and tissues, then you’ll improve your overall health.

How much alkaline water I need to drink a day?

Experts say that it is best to drink about 8 glasses of alkaline water a day. Obviously, you may not be used to drink so much. What you can do is to drink 1 glass every 2 hours first (this means 4 glasses a day).

Then when you get used to drinking, you can increase this to reach the expected level. The maximum is 12 glasses a day. In other words, you can take a maximum of 2 to 3 liters a day.

How to make alkaline water?

Here’s how you can make alkaline water.

The alkaline water ingredients:

– Use 1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt

– Take 2 l. of clean, filtered water

– Get 1 organic lemon

The preparation phase:

Fill a jar with the water. Now slice the lemon evenly and add them in the water. Take a teaspoon of the Himalayan salt and pour it in the water.

Next cover the jar with a  plate or other. Just let it sit for 8-12 hours. The best is to prepare this beverage in the evening so that it sits overnight.

When you wake up in the morning, you can start drinking the water as per the above maximum of 2 to 3 liters a day. If you want the best effect, just drink the water empty stomach.

Where to find Himalayan salt to make alkaline water?

Himalayan salt is not easy to find. Only specialized shops have it. So if you do not know of a specialized shop, you can always buy it from this link. You can also click on the picture.

Himalayan Salt


Now you know that alkaline water is good for you. You know your body needs it and that each organ in your body has its own level of pH.


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