Benefits of Aloe Vera on your face overnight

There are many known benefits of aloe vera on your face overnight.

But before I start, let me tell you why I am writing this post today.

It is a very simple cause and effect subject.

My sister came by over the weekend and was complaining about her face. She was saying how bad the cream she used on her face was.

She knows that I am into plants and natural remedies.

But she did not want to ask me for my advice.

At some point, I had enough of her complaining and went outside.

I cut a nice piece of Aloe Vera and went in.

Then, I removed the aloe vera skin and asked her to put that on her face and leave it overnight.

I could see she was really perplexed, but I did not give her any other choice.

In fact, she felt compelled to put it as I put up with her complaining for a long period (over an hour – I can tell you I am a very patient person, but that was way too much that day).

She applied aloe vera and left it overnight as I said.

In the morning, she woke up, cleaned the plant from her face and came to me with a smile. Aloe vera magic did work.

Is it safe to apply aloe vera gel on the face overnight?

Is it safe to apply aloe vera gel on the face overnight

Many people get some aloe vera gel and apply it on their face for 10 to 20 minutes.

Then they wash it off with cold or lukewarm water. That is fine and you’ll get some benefit of aloe vera gel for your face.

But you’ll not get the overall benefits of the plant.

Let me tell you this.

Yes, it is safe for you to apply aloe vera gel on your face overnight.

There is nothing wrong with that.

For me, I like to use fresh aloe vera. But some people do not like to use the fresh aloe, so they apply Aloe Vera gel on their faces.

Now, the reason why it is good to apply this plant on your face overnight is simple.

It is due to that your body has time to focus on self-repairing itself. So, applying it overnight will definitely work better for your beautiful face.

Below I put together some of the benefits of applying aloe vera on your face overnight.

Benefits of aloe vera on face overnight

Benefits of aloe vera on face overnight

If I had to take one single benefit of aloe vera gel for face, it is the glowing effect it gives you when you wake up in the morning after cleaning it with water.

What you’ll see is your clean, shining and smooth face skin.
But let me tell you the Aloe Vera gel benefits which I have personally experienced so far (and my children too and now my sister):

  • You can use aloe vera on your face when you have a sunburn. You’ll relieve your skin and yourselves. You’d need to apply it a couple of times a day or at night (usually at night as you get sunburnt during the day). Your skin will come back to its original glooming colors.
  • Put aloe vera on your face and it will make your skin shine like never before.
  • The plant will help you get rid of your dead cell.
  • Any type of aloe vera face mask will also heel your skin.
  • The good bit about this plant is that you’ll avoid getting scars, pimples, and wrinkles on your face. But the condition is that you apply the plant on a daily basis (this can cost you a bit).
  • But you can also go ahead and heel your body from the inside. You can start drinking or eating aloe vera. It is perfectly safe.
  • Note that eating and drinking aloe vera is very beneficial because it is an antioxidant (1, 2). So it will fight your internal inflammations.
  • The plant helps manage your digestive system when you absorb it.
  • It is finally really good when you apply it to your hair to make it strong and long. It does not regrow dead hear though.

Aloe vera gel for face

Now that I have told you about the health benefits of aloe vera, I can tell what I personally do.
I use fresh Aloe Vera on a daily basis as I have it in my garden. But you may not have a fresh plant in your vicinity.
That’s perfectly fine and you should not worry about it.
You can always buy aloe vera gel for your face. It does work wonders too.
My advice would be to buy a product like an aloe vera gel on your face with the highest content of the plant.

There are some gels that can go as much as 90% content of aloe vera. But not all of them have that.

So choose wisely.

How to use aloe vera on your face

I want to make it clear. It is easy to apply this substance on your face.

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water
  • Let it dry
  • Open the gel
  • Apply the gel on your face
  • Leave it overnight
  • In the morning, clean it up with lukewarm water
  • You’re done

Now, if you do the above regularly, you’ll benefit from these 4 amazing things.

  • Aloe vera gel will reduce the aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines from your face.
  • One thing you can do is mix aloe vera gel with few drops of almond oil. Apply this mixture on your face. Massage slowly and then leave it overnight. Clean this in the morning with lukewarm water and you’ll see a change after a few applications.
  • You can use the aloe vera as a moisturizer for your dry skins and even for your cracked heel. Just apply the aloe vera directly on your heels and ware some socks overnight. You’ll see massive improvements.
  • One thing that is really good for you is to prepare what I call a foot mask. Just used ½ cup of oatmeal, ¼ cup Aloe vera gel and you can even add ½ cup of your favorite body lotion. Now massage your feet with the mixture and you’ll get nice and smooth feet.

DIY aloe vera face mask

Here is your DIY aloe vera face mask:

  1. Get some fresh aloe vera.
  2. Cut the leaf open lengthwise.
  3. Now, use a spoon or the knife to scoop out the gel. It may feel weird the first time you do it.
  4. You are ready to use the plant. Just apply it on your face, sunburned skin or on your body.
  5. Be patient and leave on until dry and it is all absorbed. It usually takes about 10 minutes.
  6. It may start to feel sticky. If you cannot accommodate this, then rinse it off with cool water.
  7. At first, apply 2-3 times a day and then once a day or every three days.

Have a look at the below video if you want to see a bit more.

The side effect of aloe vera on face

There are no real known side effects of applying aloe vera on the face. However, if you have highly sensitive skin, then I would probably do a small trial before leaving it overnight.

Probably best that you try on a portion of your skin that it is not visible to other people’s eyes. Then if there is no negative reaction, you could try on your face. But keep watching the effect every 10 minutes and do not leave overnight until you are sure you have no side effects.

Having said this, there are a couple of people that have reported some allergy to Aloe Vera. These are just a few, but it is important that you know about this.

So if you are among people suffering from an allergy to Aloe Vera, then stop using it.

Note that the worst allergic reactions are usually associated with lower quality aloe vera gel.

The most common side effects of using aloe vera on the face are as follows:

  • You can have some skin rashes. In most cases, this is fairly genuine. It does occur in two instances. When you apply aloe vera (a gel or natural substance) on your skin. Or when you drink aloe vera to detoxify your body. Note that the rash can last for a couple of days, but your body shall recover quickly.
  • Now, if you choose not to apply the gel on your face, but drink aloe vera juice instead, then you need to be aware that some whole leaf products can lead to some abdominal pains and diarrhea. Again, only a few have these. If you do, just stop absorbing the substance.
  • Vomiting is probably the less common side effect of the plant. But it does happen. However, nothing that you should worry much about. Stop absorbing or applying the substance if this happens.


Aloe vera is a plant that has many medicinal properties.

It is good for your skin and your internal organs.

In terms of your skin, it allows you to make it smooth, lighten it, and reduce scars and spots too.

It also allows detoxifying your body if you drink it as juice.

In the summer, if you have some sunburn, then you can apply the gel onto it.

Back to you

As you can see, this plant is really good for your face. It reduces spots and scars and it has worked for my sister and my family as a whole.

Though my sister keeps telling me that she does not believe in plants, she now believes in Aloe Vera. She comes by on a weekly basis to get some.

That’s a start, maybe next time she listens to me on other plants? Who knows? at least she is happier with her face now.

Speak soon on another Omigy article.


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