Apple Cider Vinegar Can Make The Earache Disappear In Only 60 Seconds – Here Is How

Ear wax is a yellow substance in the ear canal that is secreted by cerumen glands in the ear. Its role is to protect the inner ear from bacteria, dust, and dirt, but many people consider ear wax a sign of dirty ears and clean them regularly.

Most people use cotton buds to clean their ears which only worsens the condition as they push bacteria further inside the ear.


Excess ear wax is removed from your ears naturally when you chew or swallow. Of course, if it clogs the ear it may cause headaches, ear pain, sinus problems, hearing problems, and even dizziness, but luckily, there’s a simple solution to the problem.

According to Dr. David Hill, only a few drops of apple cider vinegar is what you need in this case.

ACV is a powerful antibacterial and antibiotic ingredient which can fight infections effectively. Mix equal parts of ACV and rubbing alcohol, then put 5 milliliters of it in your ear with a dropper while tilting your head on one side. Once you return your head to a normal position, the wax will come out of the ear. Repeat the treatment twice a day and you will get all the excess ear wax out and prevent infections.


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