HOW TO AVOID ACID REFLUX ( in the stomach)! Home remedies..

– Talcid

Talcid reduces the painful impact of possible acid (stomach), linking and neutralize part of them. Successfully working in complex therapies with frequent complaints from heartburn, acid reflux, ulcers and gastritis. Despite the good results from the application of talcid, the State of its regular users should be monitored by a doctor. If the product is applied for longer than two weeks, it is necessary to carry out further research and to track the status of the disease problem. In cases of blood in the stool, black stools or vomiting of blood – application of talcid terminates, the search is on for immediate medical attention.

– A vomika Nuks

homeopathic remedy recommended for acid (stomach): vomika nuks. This product is applied at different dilution, it was developed on the basis of the digestive problems are one of the areas in which it is effective. Part of the symptoms, which in this case we are interested in, feel the sour taste, sour breath, heaviness in the stomach and bloating, colic and nausea. These symptoms are provoked by certain States of mind and the cardiovascular system, that require complex treatment with the inclusion of individual vomika nuks plan.

– Phosphorus

It is considered that phosphorus is getting inadequate amounts of food and intake of phosphorus supplements or similar medication rarely and only under medical supervision. When system intake of antacids, however – i.e. of antacids (stomach) part of the phosphorus in the body is lost. This is important because the absorption of calcium and phosphorus are connected between them must maintain a healthy balance. If it is damaged there is a risk of provoking deficit conditions associated with risk of osteoporosis. The effect that prolonged intake of antacids on the values of phosphorus is similar to that in therapies against hypertension or high cholesterol. For this reason, patients that take an antacid or other drugs groups mentioned must be under medical control and where applicable obtain phosphorus supplement.

– Antacids

An antacid is a general name for a group of products that shall be adopted in cases of heartburn (stomach). Their action is directed to neutralize the hydrochloric acid – an essential ingredient in the gastric juice. In this way, to master the painful symptoms associated with the problem. Antacids do – but for a short time, and the prospect is not treated. They are suitable for the control of random morbid episodes. The system use can provoke increased secretion of hydrochloric acid because the body takes into account the difficulty in digestion in neutralizing. Other consequences of the application of antacids can have constipation or diarrhea, incomplete absorption of other drugs, where an appropriate, accumulation of magnesium or aluminum salts – they are an essential ingredient in antacids.



– Aloe Vera

Mineral components in Aloe Vera products neutralize acidity and high saving of unpleasant sensations in the esophagus and the stomach. Juice or Aloe Vera gel will not only relieve the sensations when heartburn (stomach), but will help in faster recovery of sore mucous membranes.

– Cold milk, sour milk, maybe a cold – fresh or sour stomach irritation, calms and normalizes the Middle, promotes the growth of beneficial micro-organisms in the track. However, you should not overdo it with the direct consumption of milk from the refrigerator: take it after you sit 15-20 minutes at room temperature. According to some specialists on problems with heartburn (stomach) is almost as useful and a glass of slightly chilled water.

– Dill or Kim to neutralize the acids (in the stomach) helps the following herbal potion that must be taken before a meal: it’s made from Sage and mint leaves – 30 grams and 10 grams of fennel seed. Of the mixture into a teaspoon and with boiling water. Soak until cool; strain and drink at a party. Drink this three times a day with fennel seed prepare infusion for a week and you will feel the improvement! An interesting detail is that the ring in small quantities it helps against heartburn (stomach), and the big challenge! Tea from Kim balances the composition of the gastric juices; facilitates digestion, prevents colic, painful heartburn, and flatulence. Prepare two teaspoons ground caraway seeds, which are flooded with a cup of boiling water and after 15 minutes the tea can be drunk.

– Ginger the exotic Ginger is one of the products that most successfully neutralize the inflammatory processes in the stomach, prevent the formation of gas and bloating, increased to neutralize the acidity. These qualities of ginger may not always benefit diabetics and people with cardiovascular diseases.

– Meadowsweet For Meadowsweet speaks as about herb that could cure 40 diseases. Among the health problems that are affected by it, are also painful heartburn (stomach). The strange thing is that  Meadowsweet contains salicylates – components that are the basis of aspirin. But while aspirin is stomach acids in death, Meadowsweet seized the acidity and save from the painful symptoms.

– Mint

(Mint) Tea from Peppermint calms the stomach lining, prevents swelling and painful colic, so it is often recommended before and during the meal with products. Peppermint works for inflammation of the esophagus and stomach lining. It is recommended that prophylactic intake against the formation of acids (in the stomach). Džodžent is a favorite spice of the Bulgarians, but a plant with medicinal uses and contributes to the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Potion of cure Mint inflammations of the stomach lining and acids. The intake of the Mint of swelling and pain in the stomach. This spice has a preventive role – with her food and season aromatizers.



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