If you press these two points then this will lead to back pain vanishing instantly – Please see below Photo to get an idea as to how to do this.

Press these two point and say bye bye back pain

Unfortunately, millions of people experience back pain, which is often too painful and almost unbearable, and no one knows an effective way to alleviate it.

Even though conventional medicine can provide various treatments for many common issues, there are is no cure for joint or back pain.

On the other hand, traditional medicine, especially ancient Chinese medicine, effectively treats chronic problems with the help of acupuncture.

Energy meridians for back pain vanishing – what is it?

It is the study of energy meridians that run throughout the body and affect its function. Diseases are a result of the damaged flow of energy through the meridians.

So damaged organs can heal by establishing a proper flow of energy through the meridians. You can achieve this by applying pressure to specific points on the body.

You can call this acupuncture if you use needles; or acupressure, if you press or massage the points with your hands. The latter can be done by anyone and does not require any specific training, while acupuncture needs a lot of knowledge and special needles.

Why does the two-point back pain vanishing method work?

The massage of certain points will relieve the symptoms of the pain in the joints, legs, and hips. The regular stimulation will completely alleviate pain. These are the three points you need to know in order to solve your problems with back and joint pain:

  • The stimulation of the first point, GB29, located at the junction of the pelvis and femur, will relieve the pain in the hips, and n the joints in general.
  • In combination with point GB 30, which can be found a bit lower and behind the buttocks, on the back end of the pelvic bone, you will treat the pain experienced in the joints, lower back, hips, and shoulders.
  • The third point, or B 54, is just behind the knee. Its stimulation will relax the muscles, and relieve the pain in the hips and lower back.

The regular stimulation of these three points will help you relieve back pain and joint pain forever!


I have personally tried this method and it did work for me and my brother. It is weird as it did work for both of us, but not for a friend of us.

Maybe we were not pressing at the right location? Or he was not receptive. I cannot say, but the good news is that it did work for me. So I can only testify this and say, just try it. What do you have to lose?

It only takes a couple of minutes to do it. Enjoy the back pain-free body.

Back pain relief belt

There are times where back pain relief requires an add on. For instance, when you are pregnant or when you have pulled a muscle. This is where back pain relief belts come in handy. I added the below picture so that you can choose a back pain relief belt that will work for your particular needs.

Back pain relief belt

Back to you

Here it is, you know everything about the back pain vanishing procedure.

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