Bring Your Pinky And Thumb Together. If The Tendon Raises Here’s What It Reveals

Evolution is a topic that we have been discussing since Charles Darwin shared his theory with us back in the 1800s.

It is a fascinating study that dives us deeper into the scientific research of how we are all connected somehow to one another. Our entire makeup is built around traits and features that have been passed down for generations from our ancestors.

In fact, a body trait that you have could be enlightening to how you’re connected.

Knowing where we come from and who our ancestors are is a common interest a lot of us share. Now with being able to trace back our ancestral roots, practically anyone can figure out their genealogy makeup.

Yet, most don’t know you can even take it one step further and trace your history back to evolutionary times. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, all living creatures are related by descent from common ancestors.

Since our body traits can be passed down from our ancestors, you could have the same feature too. What’s even more fascinating, is that proof that evolution is real is something that we can verify by just looking at our arms. Determining whether you have a particular tendon or not, could open the door to your past and answer your evolutionary questions.


An ancient muscle, called the palmaris longus, is used to help apes jump from tree to tree and from branch to branch. Since the ape era, we have evolved to where we may not need this tendon to jump from tree branch to tree branch anymore, but we still may have a trace of its existence in our own arm. Through our hereditary, however, the tendon could also be non-existent, according to Cameron University.

If you want to see if you have this ancestral tendon, all you have to do is lay your forearm flat on a table, keeping your palms facing up towards the ceiling. Next, touch your pinky to your thumb while lifting your hand slightly off of the table surface. Do you see a raised part in the middle of your wrist? If you can see it, then you still have this ancestral tendon. If you don’t see it, then your ancestral line has evolved.

It’s pretty neat if you do have this tendon because that physically links you to your ancestors. We’re not just talking about your ancestors from centuries ago, but more from the caveman days. If you don’t have the tendon, there is nothing wrong with that. Since we don’t use the tendon anymore in the ways our ancestors did, this tendon will most likely phase out eventually, through future family bloodlines.



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