How to burn calories not doing anything!

All who need to put their excess weight would burn calories without excessive exertion. British researchers, however, argue that this is possible in a warm bath, because it stimulates the energy consumption of heating agent, reported “daily mail”. An hour in a bathtub with water heated to 40 degrees, burns an average of 126 calories. Thereabouts burn with a half hour walk. In addition, the tub down blood sugar more efficiently than cycling.

Scientists from the universities  made the discovery accidentally while looking for alternatives to sport to controlling type 2 diabetes. In the study, they compared the effects of the hot tub with the same cycling period and discovered that of the more relaxing pastime has an unexpected benefit.

Volunteers who lay in the bathtub for an hour or on other days when they drive a bicycle is the same and can raise the temperature by 1 degree Celsius, as happens when bathing. The results show that after bath participants have an average of 10 percent below the peak glucose levels compared with the sport. This is completely unexpected.

Although spending on energy in the tub cannot compete with what’s happening in the sport, yet the heat increases the burning calories by 80 percent. The conclusion of the researchers was that warm bath after dinner helps to maintain weight and to limit the rise in blood sugar levels. Doctors, however, does not fail to remind, that physical activity and sport are more useful to the health of the warm bath.



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