How cravings are killing without realizing it?

Not to lie – all “banned” foods are delicious.

Much more important, however, to distinguish between the whims of the body to eat and the feeling of real hunger.

In one case, and the other us blood sugar drops, hunger hormones are launched with the slogan “Let’s Eat!” and my stomach quivering in anticipation.

“Frequent snacks outside ground hunger can lead to the separation process of trampling and hunger,” said in front of the Cosmopolitan. Amit Sood, an expert on medicine in the clinic “Mayo”, Rochester.

According to Medica this differentiation of otherwise walking hand-in-hand processes can lead to habits of overeating and weight gain. Here’s what are the tips for healthy eating for Professor of medicine.


1. The Mind reigns, mind starves

The human brain doesn’t have a tendency to store calories for mental fuel. So when he is subjected to a mental attack on the Office, it is very likely “gasoline” him to do any of the consecutive laps.

Lack of energy for the brain stimulates the body to seek options for its coverage, no matter what you have in your stomach.

Even before you are hungry, the body still feels sated, which as you might guess, at a later stage will lead to a grim grimace when answering on the scale.

Fortunately, there are many simple solutions to avoid extra snacks.

Make some kind of exercise to perform when you feel hungry brain. The quickening (walk, ping-pong, 40 cages both) will increase its sugar content and lactic acid in your bloodstream, which will feed the brain for further business adventures.

2. Eat-in peace

Even hunger has led to our table, scattering with a TV screen or your smartphone during meals ensure that soon will feel starving.

This occurs because the brain can deal with two things at the same time.

When looking at the screen, he could not adequately handle the taste, the smell, the color of the food, which is extremely bad for the body.

The brain does not know that food enters the body and does not realize it in the stomach, because it distracts with nonsense.

Finally, when we emptied the plate, he wonders: “Hey, I ate? It again to tell him to feed me “, which again affects the weight.

To avoid this colorful food misunderstanding, experts advise you to focus on your dinner. The table should be well arranged to entice, the middle is relaxed, not tense of matches or shows that get in the way of the food processor.


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