Dentists Don’t Want You To Know This. An Easy Way To Prevent Cavities With Coconut Oil At Home!

For good oral hygiene, it is important not only to have fresh breath but to keep proper hygiene, avoiding canker sores, cavities or tartar.

Sometimes even toothpaste and mouthwashes can’t help. So, in these situations, it is best to turn to alternative and natural medicine. The Athlon Institute of Technology in a 2012 study has found that harmful bacteria can be efficiently suppressed with enzyme-modified oil.

The enzyme-modified oil can even remove Candida Albicans, Strep mutans, Streptococcus and other causes of oral health issues.

Dr. Damien Brady led this study and specified that the enzyme-modified coconut oil is a great alternative for products for dental hygiene that contain chemical additives.

But, this study still hasn’t reached a level that would permit it to be included in dental health products. This is actually why some people use coconut oil as a mouthwash. Regular coconut oil is not as efficient as the enzyme-modified oil, but it’s still beneficial.

This method for supporting good oral health is named “oil pulling”. It includes swishing one tbsp. of coconut oil in the mouth for about 10-20 minutes. This method originates from the Ayurveda medicine.

If you want to try this method you need to follow some rules:

• The first few times you might fail with the oil amount, but keep trying
• Remember, do not spit the oil in the sink, and spit it in the trash
• In order to prevent excess bacteria from the mouth to move into the digestive system, rinse your mouth.
• Important notice: This method is not a replacement for the regular tooth-brushing.

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