Disgusting School Lunch Picture Goes Viral! You Will Not Believe What It Is!

Pizza, chicken fingers and fries or lasagna? What’s your child’s favorite school lunch? If your lifestyle is a little hectic and you’re too busy to pack, chances are your child eats the meals provided by the school each day.

While efforts have been made across the country to make school lunches healthier and more balanced, not all cafeterias are following suit. A photo of a Pennsylvania student’s school lunch recently went viral, and it might make your stomach turn.

A photo of a gray and brown overcooked hamburger was loaded onto Facebook on November 14th. It immediately caught attention. Many Facebook users were concerned that the burger wasn’t safe to eat.

One user commented, “I work in a school cafeteria. If that burger had come out of my overlooking like that it would have gone in the garbage…not on your child’s meal!”


The photo prompted a conversation about the need for schools to take a harder look at their cafeteria menus. Parents urged schools to make sure the food they serve is healthy and safe for students to eat.

The burger was served at a school in DuBois Area School District, where Dr. Luke Lansberry serves as superintendent. Dr. Lansberry said the district has stopped serving the hamburger since the photograph went viral.

“Our food service director has contacted the state and told them about the situation and made it clear we will no longer accept that product in the district, just to make sure that we have good quality food,” he said.

Dr. Lansberry went on to defend the meal, saying the hamburger was safe to eat and had been served over 300 times without a prior complaint. He said the only issue was that the burger was overcooked.

One Facebook user responded, “I would have liked to see the superintendent eat that burger since he was so confident it was an overcooking issue.”


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