Early symptoms of five types of cancer, especially for men !

It is known that many men delay going to the doctor because it is important to learn to recognize the symptoms and to defend against the most common types of cancer that occur in them.


Prostate Cancer

Usually, there are no clear early symptoms. The digital rectal test can detect irregularities, but cancer can only be found by the doctor.

This type of cancer occurs in five to seven percent of men older than 50 years. Mortality is relatively low, at three percent of patients. After the 70th year almost 80% of men have some form of prostate cancer, but generally do not die.

Symptoms that you need to pay attention especially if you are older than 50 years (though they can also indicate benign change) are:
– inability to urinate
– difficulty urinating
– frequent urination, especially at night
– poor or weak stream when urinating
– constant feeling inadequately discharged bubble
– painful urination and burning
– blood in urine
– Blood in the semen
– problems with erection and ejaculation (painful ejaculation)
– Frequent pain in the lower back and hips

Hindered urination, slow flow and incomplete emptying of the bladder may be caused by a prostate enlargement or narrowing of the urethra.


Lung cancer

Neither in this type of cancer generally, there are not seen various signs of disease. However, the cough that persists or that accompanied with blood often is evidence that it is cancer. In addition, there is a pain in the chest that is always present and movements do not affect. In addition, the infected can realize that he is losing weight, has fever and asthma.

Sometimes these symptoms may indicate inflammation of the lungs. A radiograph of cancer and inflammation of the lung are white. The only reliable indicator is a biopsy.

If you smoke or are a smoker, you must not ignore cough.


Colon cancer

You must not ignore blood in the stool, even if it was only once. It might be a polyp who bleeds, and bleeding is only an early sign that you notice. More than half the cases, there are no early signs of the disease.

In men younger than 50 bleeding is probably caused by hemorrhoids, colitis or abnormal blood lamellas. However, see a doctor.

Colonoscopy is the only reliable method for diagnosing physician and the best way to eliminate the polyp which it would later be developed into a dangerous disease.


Bladder cancer

Blood in the urine is a reason to visit the doctor. If you are under 60, usually it comes to kidney stones. But it is worth checking because if you spot it in time, bladder cancer is easier to win. Too active bladder or painful urination are common signs of infection.

If the work you are often exposed to chemical substances such as aniline dyes, benzidine, and aromatic amines, if you work in textile and chemical industries, in printing, metal field, the mechanic and auto-Locher, you will have a higher risk of developing the disease.



Painless swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin are the main symptoms of this disease. Swollen lymph nodes are a result of infection, but if you go quiet after a week, see a doctor. Unexplained weight loss in the course of two or pain in the area of the nodes after drinking alcohol and no itching rash may be cause for concern.

A blood test can easily indicate possible lymphoma, but a biopsy is a safer procedure.


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