Diabetes is one of the dominants health issues of the modern era, and it affects more than 29.1 million people in America only. However, the biggest reason for this high number is the fact that people are not well educated about this disease, even though they think they know it all.

Namely, it is well known that diabetes affects blood sugar and that diet can play a major role in its regulation. When it comes to its warning signs, most people know that it is manifested by excessive thirst, blurry vision, and inability to heal injuries. However, this is only a small part of it all!

There are other warning signs of this disease that you need to know it order to act on time if you are at an increased risk of diabetes. In this case, you should change your lifestyle and make new lifestyle habits in order to regulate your condition, keep the disease under control and prevent further complications.

These are the diabetes warning signs that you need to know:

Improved vision

Your blood sugar levels may be elevated in case you need to take off your glasses in order to read, and your prescription is becoming stronger.

Namely, even though diabetes often weakens the vision, there are also cases when it can actually improve it, due to a change in the fluid levels in the eyes. Therefore, you should consult your doctor every time you notice a change in the vision.

Hearing loss

Your hearing may also be affected by this disease. A study by the National Institute of Health found that hearing loss may be experienced in the pre-diabetes stage, which is manifested by elevated sugar levels and a 30% increase in hearing loss.

According to researchers, diabetes damages the nerves and blood vessels in the ear and thus leads to hearing loss. Therefore, if you notice these changes, be sure to check your blood sugar levels.

Constant itchiness

Diabetes affects the circulation of blood and thus leads to itchy, dry skin. Therefore, if you cannot solve the issue with moisturizing creams, you should check your blood sugar levels.

Worsened skin quality

Aging affects skin quality as well, and thus, it leads to issues like crow’s feet and wrinkles. However, diabetes affects the skin as well and causes dark patches on the skin, especially on the knuckles, elbows, and back of the neck.

These changes are a result of a condition known as Acanthosis nigricans. High blood sugar causes the growth of skin cells and melanin. Yet, weight loss and topical use of effective ointments prescribed by an experienced dermatologist can help you alleviate these issues.

To sum it up, even though a disease may be common, it does not mean you know all about it. Moreover, since it comes to your health, you should make sure you are fully informed about prevalent conditions, I order to recognize their signs in time and prevent complications.

Diseases may be manifested in uncommon ways, just like these signs may indicate diabetes. Yet, you must visit your doctor and get the proper diagnosis.


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