Here are the effects Coca Cola has on your body

What is the most famous beverage in the whole world?

The Coca Cola, of course. More than 1.9 billion bottles of it are consumed every day, all around the world. However, it does have some negative effects on the body.

First of all, it is the beverage with the highest amounts of high fructose corn syrup. This is the biggest source of calories in the American diet.

Coca Cola


But nevertheless, we seem to be addicted to the taste. And this is all very influenced by the customers. In the year 1985, the company tried to substitute the corn syrup with a healthier compound, but the customers we not very satisfied with the decision.

They begged for the original flavor to return, which ultimately led to the company switching back to what they previously used. Now, the way the HFCS affects the brain is similar to how cocaine and heroin affect it.

A study, conducted with laboratory rats showed that they are ready to expose themselves to any form of pain, just so they can get the corn syrup. Scientists believe that the exact same thing is happening to humans too.

So, are you prepared to find out what the Coca Cola does to your body right after you consume it?

Here are the Effects That Follow Just a Sip of It.

The Coca Cola contains 100% of your recommended daily dose of sugar intake, so in the first 10 minutes, when this high amount of sugar enters your body, it creates disasters to your body of tremendous proportions.

This includes a possibility of insulin resistance, a higher risk of damaged teeth, high blood pressure, diabetes, leptin resistance (the main cause for obesity), and even heart disease. And these are just the instant effects.

Now, after 20 minutes, the sugar has hit the liver, and a great deal of it will be stored in the body as fat, contributing to obesity and playing a major role in several cancer types.

By the time the 40 minutes pass, your body would have already absorbed the caffeine, 32 mg of it to be precise. The Diet Coke contains 42 mg of it, which is half the recommended daily dosage for adults!

The scary part comes now, after 45 minutes of consuming it. The brain shows a reaction to the drink which is no different than the one it shows to heroin. The dopamine production is increased, following a feeling of satisfaction and stimulation.

And finally, after one hour of consuming this drink, the calcium levels in the body are affected, and it is being thrown out of the body through the urine. This has a big negative effect on the bones.

All of the nutrients such as zinc, sodium, magnesium, and electrolytes too are removed from the body when you are consuming Coca Cola.

When the sugar in your body wears off, which happens after two hours or so, you have the need to drink another one again, and if you don’t you will feel sluggish and irritable.

The Coca Cola is a very tasteful beverage, no wonder it is the best one in the world, but people are always addicted to taste, never thinking about the consequences well, we urge you to be a part of the smaller, but healthier group.

The next time you’re in a store and you stop to pick up a Coca Cola can think about what you just read. Think about what you are doing to your body and to your overall health. Would you still buy it?


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