Experts claim that these 10 habits make you look older

Do people often add years to the actual age when you ask how many do you look like?


Many factors influence the response.

To help, experts have compiled a list of bad habits that  we make:


1. Diets low amount of fat

To prevent wrinkles on the skin, it is crucial to consume omega 3 fatty acids. In diets in which fats are avoided, this component is avoided.


2. Drinking with pipes

Logically, wrinkled lips lead to permanent damage to their lines.

3. Sleeping country

Sleeping face down on the pillow can create wrinkles. Experts say that to preserve youthful its best not to touch the pillow or sleeping on the back.

4. Poor posture

Whether it is about a stooped standing or sitting crooked, the result will be relaxed muscles and strained bones. In this age can lead to mild deformities.

5. Use cream with a factor only on holidays

UV radiation is the easiest way to your skin has aged sooner than it should. Therefore, even if there are clouds in the warm months, apply a layer SPF.

6. exaggerate with heating

By Heating to exaggerate, the air loses moisture that the skin needs. In the absence of sufficient moisture, skin wrinkles, and shrinks.

7. Reduction of sweet desserts

The routine causes stress, which clearly shows it to your face. If to this you add shortening the sweet pleasures, you are likely to wake up with more wrinkles than you need.

8. Too much TV

Experts recommend to stand up every half hour and walk.

9. Too little sleep

Not sleeping or less sleep than 7 hours can not only make you look old and tired but shortens your life.

10. Stress caused by poor organization

A number of studies confirm that lack of organization causes stress that destroys cells. Therefore, in its time. Do not dwell on the rule of lazy – why do it today, if you can leave it for tomorrow.

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