Finally, the simplest cure to bronchitis

Do you want the simplest methods to cure bronchitis? If the answer is yes, then read on.

If you are subjected to this disease, then you know how much it hurts. However, to naturally cure bronchitis is probably something you never really thought would be possible.

But what if I told you that it is possible? Here is the thinking behind this statement:

First, you need to understand the underlying problem that causes bronchitis. Then you need to apply some clever laser targeted treatment. And finally you must be able to make this natural treatment home so you can feel relieved from bronchitis in no time even during week ends when no doctors are available.

Well this is possible and I will show you how. First, I’ll tell you what is bronchitis. When you know what is the problem, then you have 50% more chances to solve it.

Second, I’ll tell you the different natural remedies you can use at home. Third, I’ll answer the pressing question ‘How do you cure bronchitis’ with a little extra, that is how to cure it with ‘natural products’.

How to cure bronchitis naturally

What’s bronchitis caused by?

The main causes for bronchitis are two fold. The first one is when some bacteria inflame your chest. When this occurs, your bacteria will inflame the tubes of your bronchial area. This will in turn infect them. You’ll end up with bronchitis.

Similarly, you can contract a virus which will have the same effect as the bacteria. Both of these bronchitis causes will lead to the following signs: hard breathing, muscle aches, mucus, strong chest pain, congested nose, fatigue and flu

The issue with bronchitis is that it can be severe and you are admitted to hospital.

What you can do to avoid the above is to use the below natural remedies that target each of the causes and symptoms of bronchitis. These are not made to be pleasant, but to help you get out of the bronchitis cycle.

10 natural solution to cure bronchitis when it won’t go away

Below I provide you with 10 bronchitis solutions that you can use at home to finally get rid of it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I was a bronchitis ‘addict’. What I mean is that I had bronchitis once or twice a month. Now I only get it one a year max. Why? I watch what I eat and I use a lot of the below ingredients in my daily diet.

So, if you think the below does not work, you are definitely wrong. It does for me and it does it well. It should also work for many of you too.

1.Cure bronchitis with GARLIC


This is one of my most important diet intake. It is a really good ingredient for curing your bronchitis. As garlic is some for  of natural antibiotic, it simply kills viruses. What is difficult is to eat them. You can choose a number of intake methods.

For instance, I crush and chop one little piece of garlic. I add it to my salad. Some olive oil and salt and I eat the whole lot. Garlic will be a little bit spicy. That is why I do not add pepper or anything else than the three ingredients (garlic, salt and olive oil).

What you can do is crush the garlic again. Put in milk and boil the lot. Drink this just before going to bed. Note that I do not really like this recipes as the taste of garlic is so strong in the milk. It does work wonders, but I prefer to eat garlic raw in my salad. It is 100 times much better.

2. Ginger to cure bronchitis


I have tried many different things for my stuffy nose, but nothing works better than ginger.

It cures it in no time by removing the inflammation. It also improve and strengthens your immunity system.

What you should do is eat ginger more often. That is the first thing.

Now if you have bronchitis, what you can do is to take ½ tsp cinnamon. Mix it with ginger and cloves. Now pour warm to hot water (not boiled). Mix the lot. Drink for a few days.

Another great recipe is to mix 2 tsp ginger powder with cloves and a little bit honey and milk. Drink this remedy twice a day.

3. Water to flush bronchitis

best times to drink water

When we are sick, we seem to lose some logic thinking. This is not a remedy but common sense.

If you do not hydrate your body, then your body cannot flush the virus. Simple. Think of it, in hospital, the first thing they do is to hydrate you.

So this is an important part of your daily intake to cure yourself.

What I found work best for me is to drink between 5 to 10 per day. If usually have a green lemon and orange juice in the morning before I eat anything. Or I use alkaline water. Do not drink any coffee or alcohol because these will worsen your conditions.

4. Turmeric the king of virus killer


Turmeric is a really solution for your bronchitis. Before I tell about what to do with it, you need to know that this solution is not for everyone.

If you are among individuals who have issues with gallbladder, then stay away from turmeric.

Similarly, if you you have stone issues, digestion problems or an ulcer, please do no take this drink. Finally if you are a victim of hyperacidity, it is best that you do not drink our recipe.

Now, onto the drink. Get tsp of turmeric powder.  Mix it with some milk and heat the solution up. Do not let it boil. Try to drink this 2 to 3 times a day. It is definitely best to drink it just before eating.

5. Gargling bronchitis with salty water

I hate this one. It definitely good. But god, how much I hate it. I am lucky, because I only use it once or twice a year. And you can end up doing the same too if you apply the different recipes found here.

You will not cure bronchitis with this remedy. However, what it does is to reduce irritation. And it does it very well. Just get some warm water. Add a spoon or two of salt (tsp please).

Try to balance the amount of salt to what you feel comfortable with. Too much and you end up vomiting. Too little and you end up doing nothing. Gargle the water for periods of 30 seconds. Throw away the water thereafter.

You may end up with a little uncomfortable feeling at first, and may cough too. If you cough, cough out your mucus etc. Within half an hour, you should be better.

6. Eucalyptus oil – I love this

eucalyptus oil

Boil some water in a pan. When it reach the state of steaming, then add a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Cover your head with a towel and put it over the steam. Make sure the towel covers your head and the pan at the same time.

Now breath out the steam through your nose and mouth. This will loosen up the mucus which you can get rid of.

Note that Eucalyptus is really good for your as it has substances that kills bacteria. As bacteria are responsible for your bronchitis, the eucalyptus will fight it. It will also help repair damaged tissue.

If you do not like the smell of Eucalyptus, then you can use tea tree or pine tree oil. By the way, you can also rub your chest with the oil. Only use a couple of drops. Not too much.

7. Can honey cure your bronchitis?


Yes it can. In fact it is one of the best natural cure you can find. If you use it, you can  sooth your throat. It can also boost your immunity (which is fragile when you have bronchitis.

You just need one to two tea spoon of honey. Get some lemon water (1 to 2 spoons – the large ones 😉  ).

Pour the tea in a cup with the lemon water. Drink and you should be without a sour throat within two to three days.

You need to drink this remedy three times a day for it to be effective. Also lie down flat on you stomach while drinking this. It will make sure that the honey and lemon goes straight to the affected areas.

8. Onions against bronchitis


This is another remedy that I do not like much. It is my grand ma that has introduced me to this. I love her, but ouch, this is a hard one.

What onions do is great. They target the phlegm and mucus. When doing this, they make them smaller, hence you breath better.

But what a smell when you are sick. Try to take at leas one tsp of onion juice (I hate it 😉 ) before breakfast. If you can eat, have it in your meals too. Enjoy the taste.

9. Epsom salt – Do you it?

Epsom salt, known as magnesium sulfate, is a pure mineral compound. It has been tested for years and the main use is bathing to soothing achy muscle.

So you understand why I speak about it. When you have bronchitis, you are aching. A nice bath with this fantastic sulfate will relieve you from all unpleasant aching. You just need a few lbs. in warm water. And take a bath. Usually, this will help you fight bronchitis and help you with your aching a lot.

10. Best of sesames seeds for bronchitis

sesame seeds

These are great and I love them. I use them to relieve my chest pain.

You just need honey, some salt and two spoons of sesame seed.

If you want you add a little bit of water (that’s what I do – chose warm water). When ready, drink before going to bed.

You can also aim for mixing ½ tsp of dry sesame with 2 spoons water.

When you do this, try to drink this twice a day. In the morning before breakfast and once in the evening.

Where to find the products we discussed?

Among the different products we discussed, there are a couple that may be troublesome to find near your location. This is why I provided you two links below for both the Eucalyptus and organic turmeric. Just click on the pictures to access to these.

eucalyptus oil



This is a long article on bronchitis. However, I feel it is an important one. If you think that all our families have a member that is affected by this disease, it is best that we take our time and provide you maximum information.

I hope that I have successfully done so. I discussed what is bronchitis. And the I gave you 10 remedies to solve your problems.

I also told you about the ones I like and the ones I hate. So you have no excuse now. Just enjoy the remedies and kill this bronchitis.

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