These five groceries cure hangover

For treating hangover certain foods help activate the body’s detoxification. The following five products are best for soothing hangover and any inconvenience it brings.



Alcohol deprives the body of the nutrients it needs, and watermelon is a safe way for their return. Because of the low blood sugar, we may feel weak and unstable, and watermelon can fix that. It also helps to hydrate and refresh the body.


Potassium and magnesium are minerals that alcohol threatens in the body. Banana is rich in these minerals and is a great way for their return. The banana also helps soothe the stomach and reduces the feeling of bloating.

Oat flakes:

Alcohol has a diuretic effect which means it can deprive the body of important vitamins. Oats are rich in vitamin B, and are good for your liver, as well as the mood. Also, oats neutralize acid monohydrate levels in the body and absorb harmful toxins. Another advantage is that it raises the level of blood sugar.

Coconut water:

This commodity is full of electrolytes, which are needed in the body when suffering from a hangover. Unlike sports drinks, which also have electrolytes, coconut water is aerated, which is certainly a healthier alternative.


Ginger relieves feelings of nausea and stomach problems caused by alcohol. It is best consumed in natural form, but if your taste is too strong, you can mix it into boiling water or fruit juice.


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