Which foods act as drugs?

When we talk about addiction, usually it comes to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol. But the same can be said for the food.

Drug Foods

Professionals recognize foods that can be addictive as heroin and cocaine, which can play a very bad joke on those who aim to lose excess weight.

The similarities between food addiction and drugs are impressive. Foods that are high in calories and fat, affects the pleasure centers in the brain in ways very similar to drugs.

The more you consume these foods, the more we feel the thirst for them and thus stimulate the pleasure center in the brain.



In addition, just as drug addicts develop resistance to certain drugs, people who show signs of addiction to foods developed resistance to certain foods. Although the affected continue to eat food while having less and less satisfaction.

Since this condition may be affected not only by those who are struggling with excess weight. People who have normal weight may also lose control of the nutrition.

Foods that are most closely addictive, are high in fat and calories, they are processed foods that contain excessive amounts of sugar.

The long list of foods, leading to dependence include pizza, chocolate, packaged cookies, ice cream, french fries, cheeseburger, cola, pastries, fried chicken, popcorn.

Like any other addiction, and to certain foods that require intensive intervention.

In these cases should consult with a doctor to advise a change in diet and other possible methods that would be helpful.


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