GMO horrors never end

Before getting into the Morgellons/GMO link, let me first tell you about the symptoms of the disease: itching, burning, the sensation of ukus (Hawaiian for bugs) crawling under the shin, never healing lesions, and painful, weird fibers under the skin that sticking out as well.

The doctors, whose pharmaceutical funded medical school curriculum never broach this disease, says that the people suffering from it have invented it and are generally treated with antipsychotics.

However, several doctors who have dared think out of the box have discovered a pathogen known as Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Interesting enough, AT is used in the production of some GMOs.


Farmers know about AT as well. They are plagued with it. It presents itself as a tumor-like growth on a plant and affects corn, beets, nuts, and fruits. What happens is that AT inserts itself into the DNA of the host plant. The GMO scientists have found a way to transfer the AT from the host plant to other genetic materials.

Of the individuals exhibiting Morgellons that have been studied, AT has been found present within all of them. Healthy individuals have not presented AT infestation.

A recent study at the University of Bristol in the UK stated, “that agrobacterium tumefaciens in GMOs suggests an alternate route by which GM genes could find their way into the natural environment”. What’s even scarier is that scientists are seeing that AT is capable of transforming human cells as well. Not just plant cells.

As if this isn’t bad enough, repeated chemtrail activity is being conducted over the waters of the Hawaiian Islands. These chemtrails are dropping aluminum, barium, and strontium into the atmosphere, which a then blown inland by the trade winds. The result is the destruction of natural plant life but the ineffectiveness to the aluminum resistant GMO crops.

Assuming there is validity to the conspiracy theory that Monsanto wants to control the world’s food supply and Big Pharma wants everyone to be as sick as possible to sell more drugs, wouldn’t you think that these two examples are a great start for them?




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