3 superfood cancer killers

There are many different things that we can eat to prevent and kill cancer. Among these, I would like to introduce you to three superfood cancer killers.

And these three cancer killers that have gone out their way and have distinguished themselves in their fight against the worst of all disease.

These cancer killer diet superfoods are ginger, turmeric, and carrots.

And you may well be surprised by that last superfood, that is the carrot.

Below, I shall take you through each and every one of these foods.

And I shall include their attributes, but I shall also provide you what they can do for you.

Ginger cancer killers

ginger cancer killer

You may well like eating ginger, but did you know that it was an active cancer killer plant?

Basically, ginger is the part of the stem plant that grows underground.

And it is mostly known for many as ginger root.

Its origin comes from Asia.

But nowadays, you can find it everywhere around the world.

People like it because it has a nice texture, while others know the real importance of the plant in fighting many diseases.

So, they eat the ginger root cancer as one of the silent killer cancers and benefit from the nice taste and texture it adds to their meals.

The good thing about ginger is that it adds that little aromatic and warm “zingy” essence to your meals.

That’s why it is one of the world’s most sought-after spices.

And, I personally like it in my healing tea by just dropping a few thin ginger slivers in it.

However, I found that some of my friends who are not used to spices dislike the “zingy” taste.

But they still like to get the reward of Ginger against cancer disease.

So, I suggest that they use ground ginger powder for easy sprinkling in their food.

Like this, they can add the powder to nearly every food possible such as soups and cookies to even stir-fries.

Probably the most well-known component compound in ginger is gingerol. It has so many benefits to our bodies that you really need to know them. Please find these benefits below.

Ginger natural cancer killers benefits

Argan oil stops cancer

Here are the different natural cancer killers’ benefits of eating ginger. (1, 2)

1- Ginger gets rid of internal inflammation

People speak a lot about ginger cancer killer properties but lack a little understanding of how this works.

Internal inflammations are dangerous for your body. And this is true for any part of your body.

Inflammations are dangerous because they can get you cancer if you do not get rid of them.

You can take medicines to get rid of inflammation or use natural means such as ginger to prevent them from occurring.

And by ingesting ginger, you can even reduce pain from different types of arthritis.

For instance, try and drink some ginger tea or adding a generous sprinkle of the powder on foods.

Several studies show reduced muscle soreness when eating ginger.

They also show improved agility and movement for people who have sore articulations.

But what is really good about this plant is that it has the ability to reduce internal swelling, such as knee pain.

Obviously, you need to eat this spice regularly to get the reward.

2- Ginger reduces and get rid of nausea

Scientists have demonstrated that ginger aids digestion.

It does so pretty well and allows soothing your tummy troubles.

For instance, it is really good against colic and relieves you from nausea.

3 -Diabetes positive effect of ginger

There has been some research performed to investigate the effects of ginger on the fasting blood sugar. This research was performed on 41 participants.

The research was randomized, and double-blind, with a placebo-controlled clinical trial.

It clearly showed that by just ingesting 2 grams of ground ginger, the patients’ fasting blood sugar decreased by about 12 percent.

Obviously, there is a need for more research on this matter, but this shows that ginger is an active plant that can reduce some very important diseases without the need for medicine.

4- Improve your memory with Ginger

Ginger can improve memory. (3)

A study describes that 60 healthy and middle-aged individuals underwent doses of either plant extracts or a placebo.

They did ingest this for over a two-month period.

And the results illustrated that they did improve their memory.

So, if you feel a little annoyed with your memory, then please use this nice spicy.

Turmeric top killer cancers

Raw ground turmeric

Turmeric also is known as Curcuma longa, is a tropical and subtropical rhizome.

This means the root contains the spice.

But the leaves of Curcuma are also used in Chinese and East Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

Turmeric is really famous for its healing properties.

But it’s the shiny yellow color it gives to our food that has made is so famous around the world.

Note that turmeric has no seeds and you need to plant pieces of the roots for propagation.

Curcumin is what I like the most.

It is probably the most important active ingredient in this powerful spice.

In fact, this compound contains around 150 different therapeutic and medicinal benefits to your body.

It includes boosting your immune system, protects your heart and moderates some of the side negative effects of your autoimmune diseases.

And we all know that our autoimmune system dysfunction can lead to cancers. That is why turmeric is one of the highest cancer killers and you should take note of it.

Benefits of Turmeric to your health

Here are a few of the many benefits from ingesting turmeric including finding on turmeric the cancer killers.

1- Alzheimer’s disease

Research demonstrates that turmeric can break down amyloid-beta plaques (a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease).

As such, eating this turmeric leading cancer killer may also reverse cognitive decline and dementia as associated with Alzheimer. (5, 4)

A study on three Alzheimer’s patients who ingested turmeric powder capsules for a period of 12 weeks showed remarkable improvement.

But this research is not large enough to demonstrate the full power of turmeric and there is a need for more trials.

Note, that there is more research on this matter is undertaken, but the reality is that ingesting turmeric often, denies some of the amyloid plaques to stay in your body.

And by denying this to develop in your body, you are avoiding the development of Alzheimer.

2- Improve your heart health

There are many international studies about turmeric and its positive effect on your heart. (5)

And all are coming to the same conclusion.

Daily curcumin supplements do decrease the risk factors for cardiovascular health issues.

And absorbing turmeric does reduce the risk the same degree as some moderate aerobic exercise.

So you eat, and you reduce the need to do some exercise.

3- Turmeric alleviate joint pain

This ingredient added to your daily food does help in relieving stiffness caused by arthritis. (6)

So enjoy the taste and the pain-free joints.

4- Cancer

Nowadays, there is clear evidence that absorbing turmeric does help reduce cancer and is one of the best superfoods that is a silent killer cancer (7).

Basically, Curcuma does kill cancer cells without you noticing it. (8)

So, I would urge you to consider this ingredient for your food, even if it is at small doses.

Carrots are one of the top cancer killers

Who would have thought that carrots would be a superfood and be a cancer killer.

Carrots are from the Umbelliferae family.

Most of us like them in cooked dishes, as a crunchy snack or in carrot cakes.

Ginger and carrots fighting cancer a silent killer

Beta-carotenes (named after carrots), is probably their most known nutrient to us.

Unfortunately, these cannot be produced in your body.

As such, you really need to eat carrots as part of your diet or use supplements.

Benefits of carrots as a cancer cell killer

There is a multitude of benefits in eating carrots, and one of these is for cancer.

Below summarises some of the benefits of carrots, and if you need more information, you can click here to read about black carrots.

1- Heart disease

Carrots are a vegetable that has the ability to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Note, that to people who ate carrots had a 32 percent reduction rate in heart disease.

Just for this particular benefit, I would personally eat carrots.

2- Cancer

Phytonutrients available in carrots including falcarinol and falcarindiol do prevent inflammation.

And if you remember as discussed above, internal inflammation does lead to cancer.

Both of the phytonutrients abundantly found in carrots aim at clumping red blood cells so that the risk of developing full-scale cancerous tumors is reduced. (9, 10)

So, this is a good argument to eat carrots routinely.

3- Digestion and vision:

Note that eating carrots does help in preventing gastric ulcers and digestive disorders.

This is a true statement all backed by science and experts.

Also, note that Beta-carotenes found in carrots convert to vitamin A.

This is an important compound for improving or maintaining your vision to a healthy standard.

But what is also good is that several research studies illustrate that beta-carotene protects against cataracts. Eating them reduces macular degeneration through time.


Now you know all about the different benefits of ginger, turmeric, and carrots as cancer cell killers superfoods.

All data discussed in this post are backed by scientific evidence.

So you have nothing to worry about.

You can prevent cancer, Alzheimer, inflammation, digestion issues, vision problems, and many other diseases just by enjoying some nice food.

So, I would like to say that these three ingredients are a must in your diet on a daily or weekly diet.

Back to you

It important for all of us to fight against any disease. And here I provided you three ingredients that you can mix and match in your daily diet to reduce the risk of contracting cancer.

I would highly urge you to consider eating these ingredients or adding them to your cooking habits.

They are not only good as silent cancer killers, but also for other diseases that are fast spreading.

Each of these ingredients is cancer leading killer and I have to say that you can make some nice tea or cancer killer juice recipe with these.

Do not wait till it’s too late.

Take action and get these ingredients and enjoy a healthy life.

Speak soon in another healthy Omigy article.


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