Don’t Do These 7 Dangerous Things After You Have A Meal!

You should not smoke right after the meal

Smoking right after finishing a meal is a definite no-no! There are many studies that show that when you smoke immediately after you eat it has the same effect as smoking ten cigarettes at once, which is never a good thing.

You should not eat fruits right after the meal 

If you eat fruits right after the meal, the fruits are not going to be able to reach your intestines as a result of the food you’ve already eaten.


If they stay in the stomach then they will start to spoil and cause the food you have just eaten to be spoilt as well.

That’s the reason why it is best to wait for about one hour before you eat any fruit, or you can eat them before your meal.

But the most suitable way to eat fruits would be on an empty stomach in the morning because in that way your body can properly digest them and use the energy they provide during the day.

You should not loosen your belt after the meal

There are numerous dogmas regarding this rule. Many people think that loosening the belt can cause your bowels to twist and turn, but, the real reason why you should not do this is totally different. If you’re loosening the belt, the reason may be that you have probably eaten a lot of food, which is inherently bad for you. If you loosen the belt, you are going to feel free to continue indulging in your meal, which certainly is not a good thing. That’s the reason why you should never loosen the belt, so it can remind you about how much food is enough for you.

You should not drink tea after you have eaten 

The tea leaves are full of acids that might make the proteins that you consume to be hardened and very difficult to digest. That is why it’s better to drink tea for at least one hour before eating.

You should not go for a walk after the meal

Going for a walk immediately after you have eaten can cause acid reflux in your stomach, and it will only make digestion more difficult.  So, if you are planning on taking a walk after the meal, you should wait at least for half an hour before you do so. Also, if the reason for taking a walk is to burn some calories, you need to know that the most effective way to do this is to walk after you have already done some physical exercise.



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