What Happens When you Stop Eating Meat?

Here is a question that you should have the answer right away.

What happens when you stop eating meat?

I got this question from my daughter, and I had to pause for a second before I answer.

I think the real question that needs answering is the following:

What happens to your body when you stop eating meat and why is it meat that people give up first when they want to live a healthier lifestyle?

Do you know the side effects when you stop eating meat?

Here are the answers to the above questions. You’ll be surprised at the answers.


Benefits and positive side effects when you stop eating meat

Here are the six “stop eating meat benefits” that are worth a minute of your time to read.

1 – Happiness

One thing is for sure. You’ll get happier, and when I say this, I am under exaggerating it.

I can guarantee you that you’ll be happier for a simple fact. If you stopped eating red meat, then you’ll surely be wanting a substitute to it.

And the only two substitutes that you’ll find is to ingest more fruits and vegetables. But also you’ll be looking to eat fish too.

All of these are really good for your mental health. And as such, they are really good for your natural mood.

Note that you’ll definitely be less subjected to mood swing conditions. (1)

I think this should be one of the top reasons to stop eating red meat. Think of it, if you have a better mood, then you will be less stressed out.

And if you feel less stressed out, you’ll perform better in all aspects of your life.

2 – Stop eating red meat to lose weight

You can stop eating red meat to lose weight (and you can stop eating all sorts of meat by the way, whether it is red or white like chicken).

Usually, giving up or reducing the amount of meat in your daily diet should result in significant weight loss.

What I find really funny is that I have friends who have stopped eating meat for two days and they ask me this: “will I lose weight if I stop eating meat for another day?

I mean, let’s be real. You’ll lose weight only when you stop eating meat for a month. Not after two days.

You put on weight through time. And this is just a little bit at a time. So the same process is valid for losing weight. You’ll lose just a little bit on a daily basis. You’ll see this after two or three weeks. So be patient.

But when you stop eating chicken or beef, then you’ll be eating more fish, veggies, and fruits. And it is proven that a diet that consists of the FVF (fish, veggies, and fruits) will lead you to consume less fat and associated calories.

By doing so, you’ll reduce your body mass index, feel healthier and happier.

3 – How to stop eating meat for reversing heart diseases

It is definitely not easy to stop eating meat. Some people have got to eat it all the time and if there is a dish at lunch or dinner time without meat, they simply losing it.

It’s like a drug for them.

They even go to the extent of saying that if they stop eating red meat, they’ll get sick. How can that be?

In fact, it is the contrary that will happen. It is healthy to stop eating meat and therefore you should be less sick.

Now, just to prove it. The more you eat meat, the more dangerous it is for you.

One of the reasons to stop eating meat is to avoid heart diseases. Research has demonstrated that you have 3 times more chances to contract heart disease if you eat a lot of meat. (2)

And my aunt was a victim of this with a heart attack. She has paralyzed a part of her body (this is still hurting emotionally as she never wanted to listen to my advice). Now, she cries and I do too. So, what is best, to eat or stop eating?

By the way, I do not think you should be worried about this. If you have been a big meat eater, and you decide to cut down, then you’ll be pleased to learn this.

What happens when you stop eating meat and dairy is that your body reverses the progression of heart disease and at times, you’ll be completely recovered.

Get your hearts back and stop eating meat and lose weight at the same time. These are good incentives. Isn’t it?

4 – Stop eating meat and dairy to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gasses

As weird as it can be, you can affect positively the environment if you stopped eating meat.

Basically, cows release a substantial amount of greenhouse gases. They basically fart. And they fart so much during the day that the total population of cows produce more emissions than the USA entire transport industry.

So if I stopped eating meat and you stopped too, then we will make the difference. The less we eat, the fewer emissions, the better environmental conditions our children will be left with. (3)

This may be a difficult move for you, but just look at your children and you’ll be convinced this is the right move.

The message is clear and loud. Stop eating meat and save the planet.

5 – Should I stop eating meat to live longer?

The answer is simply yes. If you stop eating any form of meat, then your meat-free lifestyle should result in a longer life for you.

And this is backed by expert independent research. (4, 5)

Researchers have performed plenty of studies, and what they found is staggering. If you reduce or cut down completely on meat, then you can prolong your life by up to twenty percent.

So instead of leaving up to 60, you may end up enjoying a good lifestyle till 80 years old.

And you need to know this. Red meat is more dangerous than white meat (chicken, etc.) So if you cannot stop eating meat, at least only eat chicken and white meat.

6 – Save more

There are two main views here. If you stop eating meat, then you’ll save cash.

That is true to some extent.

Some people decide to quit eating meat.

But not completely. What they do is save cash, and then buy exceptional pieces of meat.

The effect of this strategy is twofold. First, they reduce their consumption of meat.

Second, they only eat highly rated meat.

As such, they improve their health, without craving for meat.

But there also another side to this. When you eat high-quality meat, and I am not encouraging you to do this, you are avoiding the cheap meat which contains plenty of antibiotics and other injections to speed up the growth process.

As such, you do not get sick or have body internal inflammations, which lead to radicals, in turn leading to cancer.

Fewer illnesses mean more strength to work, less meat means happier, less meat means fewer expenditures and finally an improvement in your overall life.

Stop eating meat side effects

There are a number of possible side effects of stopping eating meat.

There are usually not serious, but sometimes you need to listen to your body.

For instance, a friend of mine told me this: “I stopped eating meat and my hair is falling out”. Is this dangerous?

Usually, falling hair is harmless. So nothing to worry about. However, you need to consult your doctor if this condition develops.

Another side effect is to get bloating because you increased your intake for veggies, etc. This is normal.

What you need to do is to identify what veggie creates this situation. For instance, some have this condition by eating onions. Other is by eating more potatoes. You just need to reduce your intake of that particular veggies and everything should be fine.


As you can see from the above, I described what happens when you stop eating meat for a month. A month is a time measure that I chose, but you can stop eating meat and lose weight forever.

It is just a mental condition. I gave you the reasons to stop eating meat and you need to be convinced that you want to do it. If you are convinced, then you’ll end up not eating this ingredient ever again.

Note that I have summarised only 6 main benefits of why stop eating meat. And the one that does it to me is the reduction in the risks of a cardiovascular accident.

I stopped eating meat, and if I managed to do it, I believe anyone can to it too. Take note here. I was a heavy consumer of meat and did find out what goes on in this industry and decided to quit. I never felt better.

Please note that I am not asking you to stop eating meat and dairy altogether. You can choose to reduce your intake of these, but go for the higher end of the products with no antibiotics injections, etc. In this way, you’ll reduce the risks to yourselves and you’ll feel better.

Back to you

There is a question that I keep asking myself all the time: what would happen if the world stopped eating meat?

I think we would reduce obesity, reduce negative environmental impact, improve our health, but the best is that we would all be happier.

What else do you want?

Happiness is half the battle. If you are happy, then your family is happy. If your family is happy, then your friends are happy. And so it goes on. This is how it goes. Happiness brings happiness. The equation is simple.

If you are still asking yourselves how to stop eating meat, then you just need to make that decision and stick to it.

You’ll see, it is easy.

Speak soon in another Omigy article.


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