Oven roast new red potato recipe

Oven roast new red potato recipe is always a great choice when you want to prepare a dish that pleases everyone at home.

But if you do not apply a simple set of rules on how to prepare them, you may end up with an overcooked, undercook or worse uneatable dish.

Here I provide you the exact method and recipe that I use at home for making Oven roast new red potato.

If you follow it, you should not have any problem.

And note that this recipe works fine for all potatoes.

You can use red potatoes, new red potatoes, baby red potatoes, white potatoes, etc. I have even used this recipe to prepare oven sweet potatoes.

So enjoy changing the type of potatoes. But note that I prefer the red ones.

Red potatoes are high in nutrition.

In other words, these are really healthy for you and your body is shouting for the nutrient that red potatoes offer.

Oven roast new red potato recipe

Roast new red potato recipe -The ingredients

Here are the ingredients for my oven roast new red potato recipe.

  • Salt – 1 teaspoon of salt is plenty. But add to taste. The lesser, the better for your health. (3)
  • Black pepper Freshly ground black pepper. Just a little bit should do.

How to prepare oven roasted new red potato?

There are only 8 very simple steps as follows:

Step 1 – Heat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This equates to about 230 deg Celcius.

Step 2 – Put your oven rack in its lowest position. Like this, your potatoes will get the heat they need to cook and golden, but they do not burn. 

Step 3 – Take a large glass bowl and pour the potatoes into it. Toss your new red potatoes with the olive oil. Mix them well.

Step 4 – Add the salt and mix well.

Step 5 – Add some black pepper. And mix again. Note that you can combine step 3 to 5 into a single step. I just prefer things to be done in a certain way. If I mix three times the ingredients, then I am sure that oil, salt, and black pepper are somehow well distributed.

Step 6 – Just put the potatoes on a large lipped cookie sheet.

Step 7 – Put them in the oven. Now roast until golden brown. The potatoes should be tender within 30 minutes. I would advise you to check after 20 minutes with a fork. If tender, then they are ready to be eaten.

Step 8 – Put the potatoes onto a dish and enjoy eating them

roasted potatoes recipe

Roasted potatoes recipe – You can use white or red potatoes, but I prefer red for its nutrition properties

roasted red potatoes recipe


As you can see, it is very easy to prepare and cook roasted red potatoes.

Yes, I know this recipe is not a mashed potato recipe.

But still, it is made with red potatoes. And the ingredients I selected are non-fatty ones.

In fact, olive oil is the only ingredient that is fat in this recipe.

And as we do not go beyond its cooking temperature so that it does not get burnt, then we are a safe in saying that this is a healthy recipe.

To keep this recipe healthy, we need to make sure that we do not use too much olive oil.

So please, restrain yourselves for pouring 1/2 a liter or 10 cups of olive oil.

This oil is good for your health moderately. Any excessive intake of olive oil is like everything else. You’ll put your body in an unhealthy situation.

Moderation is the keyword here. Moderate use of olive oil on a daily basis can reduce heart disease. So use it to your advantage.

Excess use of olive oil means that you’ll get sick in the long term. This is simple, but you need to stick to the measures I gave you above for this.

After warning you about the positive and negative effects of olive oil, I want to say that this dish is fabulous.

Very tasty, simple to make, and easy to eat, you cannot get it wrong.

So go ahead and enjoy it.

Back to you

I invite you to prepare your roasted red potatoes once a month.

They are so easy to prepare, you can do it! You only need 4 ingredients. There is no better recipe than the short ones.

And this recipe is tasty beyond belief, you’ll have your mouth watering just preparing it.

If you want to find more great recipes in addition to this one, just click here for amazing Omigy red potatoes posts.

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