Red skinned mashed potato recipes

There are hundreds of red skinned mashed potato recipes.

But I felt compelled to provide you the most common ones with a few advanced recipes.

You may ask why?

Simply because there are plenty health nutritional benefits associated with red potatoes. Click here to read about the benefits.

Choose amongst the below recipes and enjoy your meal.

Before we even start with the recipes, I want to make sure that you know how to prepare the potatoes.

As such provided you with the recipe to boil the potatoes. Then you can prepare any of the dishes from the below list.

1- Boiled red potatoes recipe

How to boil a red potato

This is probably the most common recipe for red skinned potatoes and probably the most important one too.

You may feel there is not much to it.

However, I still think you need to read it as it will provide you a couple of tricks that you might not have heard about in the past.

Here is the recipe: How to boil red potatoes?

2- Recipe for garlic mashed potato – A bake option

Recipe for garlic mashed potato

This is a wonderful recipe for garlic mashed potato.

Definitely mouthwatering, you would want to prepare it right now.

The only thing I can say is that I invite you to go ahead and try it. You’ll never look back.

Here is the recipe: Recipe for garlic mashed potato – A bake option

3- Best mashed potato recipe with cream cheese and sour cream

If you like succulent food, then you must try this recipe.

It is succulent, easy to prepare but does take a little bit of time.

I can tell that the mixture of sour cream and cream cheese make the waiting time worthwhile.

Enjoy preparing it and eating it. No one will leave a piece of this meal on their plate. I can tell you from experience.

Here is the recipe: Best mashed potato recipe with cream cheese and sour cream

4- Best mash potato waffles in the world

Mash potato waffles

This is a recipe that you must prepare if you have children.

My children and my friend’s children love waffles.

It is one their favorite food.

Very easy to prepare and so easy to eat too.

If you are looking for a recipe that will make everyone happy, then you’ll find it in waffles.

And I added some of the different ways you can eat waffles.

Here is the recipe: Best mash potato waffles in the world

Important observation – Do potatoes contain gluten?

I think it is really important for you to know if potatoes contain gluten.

The most important point to read about is when you buy things from shops and restaurant and you are on a paleo or grain-free diet.

Read on this: Do potatoes contain gluten?.


I have put together the above recipes to enthuse you to eat more red skinned potatoes.

You may ask me why?

The reason is health. I am preoccupied with a healthy lifestyle and eating what is good for you.

The above recipes combine all of the healthy benefits food can bring you, but also all of the pleasure that it should convey to your eyes, smell, and taste.

The second reason for the above recipes is that I have summarized 10 health benefits of red skin potato nutrition.

And the only way to get you to eat more of these is to give the means to do succulent and wonderful recipes.

So now you know I have a real vested interest in the above red skinned potatoes recipes.

And my vested interest is to make sure you eat healthier food.

So, from today, I want you to make sure that potatoes are part of your healthy diet.

Do not forget, red skinned potatoes also improves your immune system, reduce cholesterol levels, etc.

Enjoy this wonderful potato vegetable in your weekly diet.

Back to you

As I said, I really want you to enjoy eating red skin potatoes as these are really healthy for you.

And I do not want you to eat chips.

So red potatoes may seem at first instance not healthy, but this is only true if you do not know how to prepare them.

In all of the recipes I provided you with, I made sure that I strike the right balance between healthy and tasty.

But I have also take the freedom to make sure that the food looks good.

That is really important to me as we first start eating with our eyes.

Now, please, do not forget, you can eat red potatoes with their skins. If you do so, you’ll maximise your healthy intake.

If you want to find more great articles in addition to the one on red skinned mashed potato recipes, just click here for amazing Omigy recipes.

I hope you liked the article which summarises large, medium and small red potatoes nutrition properties.

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