What Can I Make With Canned Salmon?

What can I make with canned salmon is a question that I get all the time.

Everyone seems to know how to cook a whole salmon, but seem a bit uneasy about using a  canned salmon.

There is nothing wrong in using canned salmon. In fact, cans are easier to store than a whole fresh salmon.

And the flavors of the salmon preserve quite well in a can.

Here I’ll give you 10 ways you can use a can salmon for a really tasty meal.

I shall look at some of the easiest ways to use it and some more advanced (though easy when you get the hang of the recipes).

Why are the below so important for your health?

I am a big fan of healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.

This is with this state of mind that I decided to put together a set of recipes for you.

The criteria I chose for the recipes are:

  1. They need to be easy to make
  2. You should be able to get the ingredients easily.
  3. The ingredients must not break the bank.
  4. They must be healthy.

The above four points are what I used as my guidelines to provide you with the recipes.

But there is more to the above.

I have also put together the below set of recipes because Salmon is one of the most important ingredients in my diet.

Note, I eat salmon twice a week and as much as it can sound expensive, I can tell you it’s not.

I use canned salmon, which are pretty cheap compared to fresh ones.

Obviously, I also use fresh salmon in my diet and the wild ones too.

Why do I use so much salmon in my diet?

The reason salmon is so important in my diet is that it protects me and my family from many diseases.

I have put an article where I summarise 10 of these diseases.

These include depression, weight gain, low body energy, brain development, and much more.

Here is the link that will provide you this valuable information.

After reading this article, I am sure you’ll be cooking many of my below recipes.

They are tasty and enjoyable to cook. And they are quick to make. Do not forget, first read the article here. Then start cooking.

1- Arugula Salmon Salad

Okay, I was asked this question in the past. What is arugula? (1)

Simply, it is a type of salad. Please see the below picture. Don’t you think this salad looks nice with some tomatoes and parmesan cheese? This is exactly the set up we are going to make for our Arugula Salmon Salad.

It really looks appetizing.

What is arugula salad

If you do not find Arugula salad where you are located, you can also use some baby mixed greens or some mizuna salad.

What you are looking for is the little bitterness of the salad and the sweetness and acidity of the tomato.

All of these ingredients are then mixed with the nice flesh of the salmon and parmesan cheese. My mouth is watering as I write this 😉

Here is the recipe: A very tasty arugula salmon salad in less than 15 mn

2- Canned Salmon Pasta Salad

Recipes using canned salmon and pasta and corn

This is probably not the nicest looking dish.

But I can ensure you it is very tasty, and when you are in a hurry and need some carbohydrate, this is definitely a good solution.

Think of it, you will have both pasta and fish. This is exactly what you need for your lunch.

Here is the recipe: Outstanding canned salmon macaroni salad in less than 20 mn

3- Canned salmon sandwich spread recipe

Canned salmon sandwich spread recipe

Another very nice recipe that you should consider. It is very quick to prepare it and everyone feels that it has some kind of luxurious look about it.

Try it. You’ll be amazingly embarrassed you have not prepared it in the past.

Here is the recipe: Canned salmon sandwich spread recipe

4- Recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon

Recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon

This one is really special as I usually bake it at Christmas time.

It is a nice addition to your collection of recipes with canned salmon.

Here is the recipe: Recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon

5- Recipe for fish cakes using canned salmon

This is a nice recipe for people who like the taste of salmon but also needs the carbohydrate in the potatoes. A weekend’s favorite.

Here is the recipe: Recipe for fish cakes using canned salmon

6- Recipe for salmon croquettes using canned salmon

Recipe for salmon croquettes using canned salmon

Less than 10 minutes is needed to cook this dish and you do not need potatoes. So, get on with it and cook it as an appetizer for your surprise guests.

Here is the recipe: Recipe for salmon croquettes using canned salmon

7- Recipe for canned pickled salmon

Canned pickled salmon recipe

This is probably the weirdest of all the recipes I am sharing with you on canned salmon. However, it is very tasty and allows you to store salmon for months. So use and abuse this recipe for storing pickled salmon.

Here is the recipe: Canned pickled salmon

8- Canned salmon salad recipes sandwiches

Here is another salmon sandwich recipe that you’ll enjoy preparing and eating.

You’ll also enjoy sharing it with friends and colleagues. It is again a very simple recipe to make. I know you’ll enjoy it.

Here is the recipe: Canned salmon salad  sandwiches

9- Paleo salmon cakes with almond flour

I have already provided two recipes that describe how to make fish cakes and salmon croquettes with canned salmon.

However, I have been contacted by a number of people to provide a paleo canned salmon recipe.

This is exactly what this recipe is all about. I only use ingredients that comply with the paleo diet.

I also chose the favorite children dish. click on the below link and you’ll discover my paleo recipe with canned salmon.

Here is the recipe: Paleo salmon cakes almond flour

10- What to serve with a salmon burger as a top up and side dish?

what to serve with salmon burgers

This is a really important point.

Now that you have plenty recipes for your canned salmon, you need to be able to serve and present these with a side dish.

And you need to be able to do some nice top ups too.

So, I put together 3 recipes that will help you do just that.

Here are the recipes: Side dishes and top up for your salmon recipes

Conclusions on what can I make with canned salmon:

If you are still asking what can I make with canned salmon after reading this article, then I may have to change what I am doing 😉

I am pleased that you have read about all of these recipes, and I am more pleased that you’ll be trying some of these at home so that you enjoy eating more salmon.

As you know salmon has plenty of Omega-3s (2) which are really good for you. So why not enjoy a nice meal and not feel guilty for once?

Try all of the above recipes!

Back to you

I have truly enjoyed writing this article as food and cooking are two of my passions (among other such as healthy lifestyle).

I am sure you’ll start cooking today and that you won’t be shy of the canned salmon factor. If you are like, you’ll go the extra mile and get some wild fresh salmon as it is best, but when you are in the city, it is kinda difficult to get.

The recipes I provided you with are all excellent, and many of these just need a couple of minutes to make. So if you are in a hurry, you know what to do.

If you liked what you read, please do not forget to take action and like the post. Share it with your friends and families and please leave a comment below.

See you soon in another Omigy post.


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