Canned salmon sandwich spread recipe

Canned salmon sandwich spread recipe is a very quick and tasty solution when you have people coming along and have almost nothing in the fridge.

It is also so simple to make that you can prepare this sandwich as a great solution for lunch.

You must have to look at the below picture and you’ll understand why.

Canned salmon sandwich spread recipe

How nice is the dish pictured above? No comment.

I have to say that this recipe can be used with just about any type of leftover ingredients.

If you have some leftover in your fridge such as cooked vegetables, just add them.

You can always use small cooked shrimps, or a couple of cans of tuna, or even a cooked ground beef.

That’s how versatile is this recipe.

Moreover, you can even use all sort of herbs without altering much of the recipe.

For instance, you can prepare your sandwich with some fresh chopped basil, fresh thyme leaves and I even have prepared it with some real mint leaves. Be my guest and try things up, just don’t overdo it.

I find myself serving this sandwich spread on toasts, on split croissants and even in hamburger buns.

If you like bruschetta, why not use this recipe instead?

Serve the canned salmon sandwich spread as an appetizer spread on toasted and butter French / Italian type bread slices.

The Canned salmon sandwich spread recipe – the ingredients

  • Salmon – Get some 10 ounces of canned cooked salmon
  • Mustard – 3 tablespoons honey mustard – This is to make sure that you have sweetness in your sandwich
  • Pepper – 2 green, red, yellow or multicolor pepper – I prefer the red ones for this recipe as they have some kind of sweetness to them. Make sure you chop it in small cubes. You can always take  one red and one yellow (or another mix – you choose your preferred option)
  • 2/3 cup mayonnaise – aim for a low-fat to avoid unhealthy eating (1)
  • 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese – This time we will just grate the cheese
  • 3 stalks celery – Chop them nicely
  • A bit of salt
  • A bit of pepper

Directions to prepare this great recipe

There is no much to be said really.

If it is not already so, just break the salmon into small pieces.

Now, mix the mayonnaise, mustard, and parmesan cheese in a bowl.

In another bowl, mix the salmon, the colored peppers (green, red or yellow or multicolored ones), the celery, and the salt and pepper to taste.

Pour the mayonnaise mix with the salmon one.

Take some bread (brown preferably – homemade?).

And now spread the lot on top of the bread. Your mouth should be watery as you’re doing it.

Look at the below finish product examples – I think I went heavy on the mayonnaise there:

Canned salmon sandwich spread recipe on brown bread

One little trick – I usually add some chopped tomatoes and a little bit of lemon juice, just to give it a little kick. This really does make the difference.

By the way, if you do not want to make it into a sandwich, you can always use the can and pour the mixture into it. Press a little bit the mixture and then reverse the can on top of a plate.

It is not that easy to do, but look at the below picture what you can do with the mixture and the can. You really need to practice though. Or you get a glass bowl that has the right shape and do it.

Canned salmon nicely served

And here a mixture of bruschettas made with the same recipe but more with my creativity.

Canned salmon bruschetta spread recipe

Conclusion on canned salmon and pasta salad

Sandwiches are always a winner around the house. Especially if they are quick to make a tasty.

I think it is the mayonnaise that makes the difference for the children.

But for me and my adult friends and family is the salmon.

There is something nice about salmon. I would go as far as saying that there is something quite unique about it.

It feels that when you make a salmon sandwich, no matter who is around, they feel they’ll have a luxurious meal.

Try it and you’ll see happy faces around you.

And be brave too. Try different ingredients. Life is made for adventurous people. Be one of them 😉

Back to you

I hope your family will love this recipe. Try to mix up the ingredients so that the sandwich does not become boring with time.

Now, if you want more recipes in addition to this one, just click here for amazing Omigy posts.

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