Recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon

Are you looking for a sensational recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon?

Look nowhere else. What I am about to share with is my grandmother recipe.

The only modification I made, since I live in the city, is to use canned salmon instead of wild one. Yes, I cannot really get hold of affordable wild salmon in the city, so I use canned ones.

But even using the canned salmon provide some real flavors you would die for.

Recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon

What is a loaf?

Well, that’s a weird question to ask. Isn’t it? but I was asked this by a child who came in our house. So I thought it is important to explain this, especially if you are a non-English speaking person.

So the word ‘loaf’ comes from a loaf of bread. It is a shaped mass of bread baked in one piece. The shape is usually rounded or oblong type mass of food: you find veal loaf, tuna loaf, salmon loaf etc. (1). Plenty of loafs really. Here is a picture of a bread loaf:

bread loaf

Let’s get on with it as my grandma would say.

The recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon

  • 1 can salmon – 14.75 ounces would be much more than enough. Use more if you have friends around. Make sure it is drained and flaked before you use it for the loaf. If not you are in big trouble.
  • 1 egg – Make sure it is slightly beaten. If it is a small egg, you may want to use 2.
  • Diced onion – 1/2 cup should do you fine. More than that and then the onion takes over the taste of the whole loaf. So don’t overdo it.
  • Milk  1/4 cup is enough. If you use more than that then you’ll end up with a watery type loaf. I can tell you it is not eatable. Tried it and got the T-shirt 😉
  • Green bell pepper – 1/2 cup diced. Again it is a matter of choice. I sometimes use red pepper and at other times I use yellow ones. And when I am really adventurous, I use multicolored one. It is great to change the ingredients. It adds a little bit of fun to the whole cooking thing. Don’t you think?
  • Hot pepper sauce – This is optional and is for the more adventurous people. If you do not like it a little bit spiced, then do not use this ingredient. But if you do not mind it, then use 1 dash measure.
  • Black pepper and some salt to taste – As I usually say, please do not overkill it here. Salt and pepper are good for you if you do not overdo it. I leave it up to you, but my advice is to restrain from too much salt and pepper. (2) (3)

How to make a salmon loaf? The direction

The first thing you need to do is to preheat your oven so that it is ready for baking your loaf.

What I found works best for me is to set it up to 350 degrees F (or 175 degrees Celcius).

Now that you got that sorted, let’s do the tedious part of greasing a 9×9-inch baking glass type dish. Or any other dish you have. I tend to prefer the glass dishes.

Next, get a large bowl. Pour the salmon, egg, bell pepper, and onion.

Mix the lot. Just mix and do not crush the lot for about 1 minute.

When ready, add the milk, optional hot pepper and season with black pepper and salt.

It is best to mix well with your hands, but you can use another kitchen tool (big spoon, large fork, wooden spoon, etc.).

Pour the mixture into the baking dish. Make sure it is well spread.

If the oven has reached the right temperature, then put the dish in it.

What you need to do is to bake your dish in the preheated oven until the top of the salmon loaf is somehow golden brown.

You can always use the old toothpick trick. Insert it into the center of the dish and if it comes out clean, then you are all set for a nice meal.

Normally it should not take more than 45 minutes.

Wait a little bit so that it cools off.

When ready, cut the salmon loaf into squares and serve with a nice side salad.

Here are some pictures of my loafs. Some are really nice and others less so. You can see when the guests are coming 😉

Recipe for canned salmon loaf

Conclusion on my recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon:

Et voila! Now you know all about my grandma recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon.

You just need to take action and start baking (or cooking) one right away.

As you can see it is easy and quick to make. A great recipe for a weekend with family and friends.

I’ll leave you to it as I want to eat my salmon loaf. It is still warm and I cannot wait anymore.

Enjoy the cooking and the sensational taste.

Back to you

This is the first time I share my grandmother recipe for salmon loaf using canned salmon. Well, she did not use canned salmon as she had the pleasure of getting hold of wild salmon in her time.

But nevertheless, this recipe will give you the flavors you have been waiting for.

Try it for yourselves and you’ll be making more of these loafs as time goes by.

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