TAMARIND – It has solved my liver problems. So can it do it for you?

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I have had a liver problem at the age of 24. I have been on medication since then and my doctor always told me that my liver was fatty.

This fat liver caused all sorts of problems. See the below picture to get an idea as to what is a fatty and nonfatty liver. On the left is the healthy liver.

Healthy liver and fatty liver

Why is it so important to take care of our liver?

First, think that your liver is your biggest organ. So it is precious.

And now think that its main function is to help your body digest food.

You add to this that your liver also exists to help your body store energy (you digest food, convert it into energy and store that).

And finally, probably one of the most important functions of your liver is to remove any type of potential poison from your food and as such in your bloodstream.

No wonder why your doctors will tell you that your problems are due to the fat around your liver.

If you have fat around your liver, then your liver will not function properly.

If it does not function properly, you will not digest food easily, neither you will manage to convert it into energy and worse, you will store much more than what you need to survive.

That is why you must have a clean nonfatty liver.

What happened in my personal inquest for a clean liver?

Tamarind fruit fighting fat liver

In my personal case, there was so much fat that my liver could not function properly.

I had yellow eyes or red eyes all the time without knowing why.

Since discovering my condition, I was somehow ordered (yes you read rightly, ordered) to visit my doctor every three months.

The aim was to get a checkup with blood tests etc. You name it, I was checked for all sorts.

And each time my doctor saw me, he gave me a renewal sheet of paper full of medicines to take. It was party time!

At some point, I had enough.

I really had enough of medicines.

So, I simply decided to see if there was a plant around the world that could help me out clearing this fatty liver issue.

Well, I found it, it was Tamarind.

Note that it is not the only plant that can help your life, but this one worked very well for me. It may well work for you too.

So that’s why I want to provide you with a short recipe and a piece of information about the fruit itself.

What is Tamarind?

Tamarind is a tree. This tree makes some fruits that have positive health benefits (1).

And it is this fruit that is used to make natural medicines. It is also this fruit that I use to remove the fat in my liver.

Tamarind has many names. It is called Imlee, Imli, Tamarin, Tamarindo, Tamarindus indica, Tamarinier, Tamarinier d’Inde, Tintiri and obviously Tamarind.

Tamarind fruit to get rid of fat in your liver

Everyone knows this fruit in India. And no wonder, India is the largest producer of the fruit.

This fruit has been used for centuries over there.

It has been used for constipation, stomach disorders, arthritis (2),  gallbladder and liver problems.

In some instances, you can use it to treat colds and fever.

When used in foods and drinks, tamarind is known to act as an additive for flavoring. It is widely used in Asian cooking for chutneys and curries.

The steps to regrow and dilute fat in your liver

The below picture illustrates what you need to do to recover your liver.

You have several steps to achieve this.

  1. Lose weight – This is obvious but as humans, we are a little bit lazy. Just start the process and stick to it.
  2. Exercise regularly – Easier said than done. Again, just do it without thinking.
  3. Eat healthy food This is easily done, but we like fatty food. You need to get away from burgers, sausages, etc.
  4. Avoid any fizzy drinks – They are really bad for you.
  5. Do not eat things that are fried up – Avoid french fries and anything that is fried.
  6. Use some nutritional supplements – THIS is where we will work to improve our fatty liver conditions.

How to recover from a fatty liver step by step

Why do you need to regrow your fatty liver?

The liver is known to have some strange abilities to renew itself.

It can regrow on its own and that is why scientists perform ablation of livers.

Unfortunately, there are times when your liver can weaken and that’s when it hurts your entire body.

When you do a blood test, doctors can tell if you have a fatty liver.

With nowadays snacks and fast food, it is most likely that you are one of the victims of fatty liver.

The consequences are alarming. If you are diagnosed with the fatty liver; then you are at risk, with the worst-case scenario being death.

Do not worry, this condition is really rare and under extreme measures where you do not take action.

However, if you are reading this, you are one of those people, who like me, take action.

The good news is that there are many ways that you can remove fat from your liver.

One way is to stop sugar intake, fatty food, and snacks. This is the slow-motion way if you like.

Another way is to use medicines. Not really for us.

The third way, which is what I have done after years being under heavy medicine, is to use natural remedies.

What does blood tests show you?

Before I tell you about the Tamarind recipe, I want to say that if you have a fatty liver, then blood tests will come up with weird results.

The outcome of the test will say that you are a heavy drinker – even if you are not.

As I said above, it may or may not be the case you are a heavy drinker.

But, let us consider that you are not an alcohol drinker.

Then if the blood tests will show you are a drunken person, it will definitely mean you have a fatty liver.

In this case, you will not feel anything, but your liver will do.

You may have yellow eyes and sometimes feel a little unwell when eating certain types of food, but not all types.

In many cases, you may have what is called a nonalcoholic steatohepatitis dysfunction.

This problem is not dangerous, but in the long run, it can cause liver failure and even cancer. So better take action.

Being overweight and under obesity, conditions make you the perfect candidate for this and under greater risk to contract such failure.

Fortunately, tamarind can help with obesity (3).

Tamarind is made to fight fatty livers

I have to say that Tamarind is simply a great fruit that can remove fat in your liver.

The fruit on its own is great. But the peel is also really good for it.

You can make an infusion that can help heal your liver.

What tamarind does is that it purifies, helps digest, contains fibers and instituted acids that protect your liver.

Drinking the infusion can cure bile problems and lowers cholesterol.

This is why I think this fruit is great.

Tamarind recipe to fight fatty livers

Here is what I promised you. A nice brief recipe to flush your liver from fat.

First, and if you do not know where to get tamarind, then I have good news for you.

Click on the picture below and you shall be redirected to buy tamarind.

Tamarind dulce

And here you can find the Organically certified honey that I speak about in my recipe.

Organic honey certified

Tamarind recipe ingredients

1- Two handfuls of peeled tamarind

2- One liter of water

3- 1 tablespoon of honey


Take two handfuls of the peeled tamarind and put them in a blender.

Add the liter of water to it and a spoon of honey.

Blend the lot till you get an even mixture.

Now drink this juice on a daily basis for 7 to 10 days. You should have your liver free of fat.

Repeat this once a month or every two months if you can.

I usually drink it once every three days. It works better for me.

I have to warn you that all our bodies are different, so try to find what works best for your liver.

It may well be that you need more than my recommended consumption.

You can increase the level of honey if you feel it needs a little bit more sweetening.

Et voila! You are done.

Tamarind infusion recipe

If you prefer to do an infusion, then you just need 25 tamarind leaves.

Wash these. Then put them in a liter of water.

Put these to the point where the water will start to boil, but do not allow the water to boil.

Note this is really important for the infusion to be successful.

So when the water is at the point of boiling, just reduce the knob and leave it for a couple of minutes. About 5 minutes should do.

When done, just leave it to cool and rest for an hour.

Again, add a little bit of sweetener in the form of honey.

Try to avoid sugar, and if you cannot, then use brown sugar (fewer chemicals in brown sugar then white one).

I always advise that you drink it without sweeteners and sugar. But hey we are all different.

I do this infusion with the peels/shells. Same method. I usually add a little bit of cinnamon.

My advice is to take this infusion twice a day. At night before sleeping and once in the morning.

I am sure you’ll get a big thank you from your liver.

What foods to avoid with a fatty liver?

There are a lot of different foods that you should be staying away from.

Below are the most dangerous and common foods that we like but are extremely dangerous if you have a fatty liver.

1- Avoid High-fat foods

The worse food for consumption under your condition is deep-fried food products.

You should also avoid baked items as they usually contain invisible excess fats.

However, you can always go ahead and have dairy-rich products.

Doctors highly recommend these for individuals with fatty liver. I tend to avoid them too. Still, I eat one yogurt a week as I really like them.

Avoid any saturated fats, even the ones hidden in the food supply chain. So make sure you read the labels as of today.

2- Alcohol

This is a no-brainer.

Think about it. If your doctor thinks you have a fatty liver and your blood test says that you are always drunk.

What does this mean to you?

It means that you are melting your liver and that you may end up with cirrhosis – then death.

So better stay away from alcohol altogether. And do not replace it with fizzy drinks. Water is the safest solution.

Having said so, you need to know that alcohol consumption, in whichever amounts (moderate or excessive) will cause fat build-up in your liver cells.

At some point in time, the level will cross the limit.

This will cause inflammation of the liver cells.

You’ll end up being the cause of the scarring of your liver tissues.

Unfortunately, it is at this point that your blood cells will die. Why?

Because your blood cannot flow through to your liver cells and as such will lead to healthy liver cells to die.

If this persists through time, your entire liver will be damaged beyond repair.

As such, it is advisable that when you are diagnosed with a fatty liver that you stop drinking alcoholic beverages.

3- Fatty liver and high-glycemic foods

You may think that you can get away with rich natural sugars such as the ones found in fruits.

Well, not really.

Though this sugar is healthier for you, consuming a lot of sugar-rich ingredients will definitely raise your blood sugar levels.

This will, in turn, have a negative effect on the health of your liver.

Examples of such ingredients are potatoes, watermelons, raisins, bananas, white bread (this one is really bad), white rice, corn, and corn associated products, fruit yogurts, ice-creams, without forgetting chocolate bars.

All of the above foods have a high content of carbohydrates and you must avoid these as much as possible.

4- Processed grains and fatty liver

We all know that processed grains are really be for us, but we seem to undermine this.

Avoid processed grains at any cost.

Replace them with whole grains an make it as part of your regular diet.

You need to know that whole grain is full of nutrients.

And you need these nutrients to help you fight your liver issue.

The grains contain a lot of fibers which will help you control cholesterol.

In fact, the fibers will also help control your blood sugar levels by creating a gel in your guts.

This gel will imprison bad sugar, and will then help you flush it all naturally. This is definitely an opportunity that you should not miss.


In this article, I discussed the reasons behind getting a fatty liver and how you can detect it using a simple blood test.

I showed you a couple of pictures of what your internal liver looks like when fatty and when it is healthy.

You have seen that the fatty one looks like it is rotten.

In fact, I clearly said that if you have a fatty liver, then your liver cells will die as they are not constantly supplied with clean blood.

In essence, you are killing yourselves slowly without knowing.

On the other hand, I provided you with information about Tamarind.

I told you that it is a great fruit and that it can clean your liver in under 10 days.

You just need to follow the recipe I gave you that I call ‘tamarind smoothie’.

Drink it on a daily basis for 10 days and you should be clear.

However, this does not mean you need to stop drinking tamarind smoothie.

You need to continue with at least once a week ingest.

Similarly, I provided you with the means to make your own infusion. Like this, if you do not like the above smoothie, you can always use the infusion.

Finally, I gave you the different types of foods that you need to avoid if you have a fatty liver.

I truly hope that you will take the above advice and get rid of your fatty liver sooner rather than later.

Back to you

I hope that you have gained from this article as I really wanted to provide you information that helped me since I had a fatty liver.

This has worked wonders for me and I truly hope it will do for you too.

Please do not forget to share the article with your friends and family members. Leave us a comment and finally like it if you can 😉

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