Heart skipping: How dangerous is this ? Symptoms !!!

Skip the heart or extrasystoles – this is a type of abnormal heart rhythm in which the abnormal shortening of the whole heart or separate areas of it. The man with the feeling something extrasystoles as a punch in the chest, and then, as if his heart stops, it takes an alert, not enough air. When this phenomenon is broken and blood circulation in the brain and coronary reduces round circulating blood. It can occur, and if angina deficiency in brain blood flow States occurs with seizures and paresis. Increasing the risk of etc. fibrillation and sudden death.


  • Physical exercise can also cause heart jumping. In this case, the violation of rhythm is associated with the overloading of the musculoskeletal system and the task of the cardiovascular system to sharply increase the blood supply to the areas involved. There are similar attacks in people who carry out heavy physical tasks as well as for active sportsmen and sportswomen. In General, the body of one of these groups is trained to endure high loads, but at certain moments it is possible heart muscle “to lose a stroke”. Upon the withdrawal of loading things normalize. However, if similar violent episodes, this is the reason for a more thorough screening of heart health. It is possible that the active sport to have caused dystrophy of the myocardium. Not to be forgotten and that, in fact, that physical exercise can provoke heart jump, which is caused by undetected deviations to this point in the metabolism and cardiovascular functions.
  • In most cases, this is about the functional manifestation of extrasystoles. Throughout the day, if a person has been busy hurrying and under stress, even when changing the position from “vertical” in a horizontal, i.e. at bedtime, it is possible to skip the heart described occurs. This is even more likely if during the day he is not eating normally and overcompensated this evening, just before going to bed. The full stomach lying down is an aggressive factor of impact in relation to the heart and its functions. If disturbances occur every time after eating – i.e. on a full stomach, it’s a reason to think about the research at the gastroenterologist.
  • It is possible that evening and nightly displays of extrasystoles are associated with the early stages of developing a disease of organs of the abdominal cavity – stomach, pancreas, liver, and especially the bile. This is already switching to an organic form of the described jumping heart and needs to see a doctor.


To assess whether the jump is dangerous, you need to figure out what exactly is the reason for its appearance, i.e. what type of premature beats is observed. For example, if one person often does this in the order of 30 cuts per minute, he is at risk of developing atrial fibrillation. More precisely is yet to say that it would happen in the presence of certain health problems. In many cases, the skip of the heart of this type of the efficiency of the heart decreases, thus giving the symptoms of heart failure.

However, if it happens for a few years and Miss signs of heart failure, extrasystoles are without prejudice to the ability of the heart to pump enough blood. Ventricular premature beats are significantly worse. Here there is also a risk of fibrillation for the bridge required medical intervention and defibrillation. If a patient with disturbances in the heart’s activity.


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