Homemade 3-Ingredient Brownies Better Than Box Mix

What is better than a warm batch of  brownies coming straight from the oven? A  bach of warm gooey brownies  made from you using only three ingredients! Boxed mixes don’t even hold up to this incredible recipe, and once you get a taste of how easy and tasty these homemade brownies are, you’ll never again use a mix ever again. This recipe is just as quick and easy, and costs less than your store-bought brownie mix, and it has the homemade taste that bought brownie mixes  just don’t have. What we’re trying to say is that this simple brownie recipe has it all – taste, ease, and that homemade flavor.



-400 grams of Nutella or any chocolate cream

-60 grams of self raising flour

-2 large eggs



1.combine all three ingredients in a bowl and mix them together

2.put a baking paper into the baking pan and pour the mixture on top of it

3.bake at 350*C for about 25 minutes

4.when they are done cool them for a few minutes and cut them into pieces


And because this recipe is so straight-forward, it also can be a major time saver! It only takes a minute to combine all of the three simple ingredients and 25 minutes to bake the homemade brownies – or less, if you like them a little softer in the center.

We can’t wait to try this after dinner tonight. These three-ingredient brownies are the perfect surprise dessert to sweeten up in a flash after your meal. Trust us, your family will thank you.



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