IMPORTANT : Pay Attention to These Numbers When Buying Fruit !!!

You should look for fresh and ripe fruit in the market, but you should pay attention to the markings if you’re buying fruits that are not grown locally.


There are many different poisons in our environment that are included in the food as well. This is why you should always tend to avoid them.

1. If they consist of four numbers that begin with the numbers 3 or 4, it means that the fruit is grown on the “traditional way” and there is a big chance that they are incorporated with pesticides.

2. In case the code has five numbers and begins with the number 9 then this means that the product has been cultivated traditionally, as the people grew plants in the past, and today we know it as an organic way of growing.

3. If the label contains five numbers and the first one is number 9- this means that this fruit is natural and organic, grown on traditionally way, without fertilizers and pesticides. This is the fruit you want for your family.




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