The onion is a vegetable with a specific flavor, because of its flavor this vegetable is mostly avoided. Because of the fact that onion is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin C, this vegetable plays a big role in the beauty industry and it is also used for medical purposes.

In this article, you will read how to treat scars and to improve the health of your skin with an onion.

The extract of the onion is highly effective for keloid and hypertrophic scars, which are easily noticeable because of its texture on the skin. The results of this treatment are seen after 6 or 8 weeks.


For this simple treatment you will only need:

  • cutting board and knife,
  • dish soap,
  • water,
  • ice,
  • thermometer,
  • coffee filters,
  • distilled water,
  • salt and
  • two medium containers.


Mix 3gr. of salt with 10gr of soap. Cut the onion into small pieces and place in one of the containers with the mixture of salt and soap, and stir well. Place in a water bath for 15min and stir constantly, blend for 5 sec. Use the coffee filter to strain the mixture over the second container. The mixture will foam while the onion extract drops into the container.

When you are done apply this extract on your skin or affected areas once or twice a day, either by applying directly or mixing with a moisturizer.

Important note:

If you use this extract for the first time, use small amounts in the affected area just to make sure that there are no allergic reactions on your skin. If there is a redness and/or irritation on your skin stop with the treatment.

For best results, keep the affected area hydrated. For this reason, use a good moisturizer or you can use moisturizer oil such as coconut oil or olive oil.


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