Kyani Review (UPDATED 2020) – Does Kyani Really Work?

I am unsure if you have heard about the Kyani health care products and if you have read any Kyani review.

But if you are here, you may want to know about our Kyani review.

Note that there are many Kyani Reviews on the web with a strong community of users and buyers and resellers.

So it is difficult to find out the right from the wrong.

I have had to research a lot to find out if Kiany was a scam or not.

What is Kyani?

Kyani is a multi-level marketing company that produces skincare and nutrition products.

The word Kyani means “strong medicine” in native Alaskan.

The company behind the Kyani products did start selling in 2005 just after a discovery stemming from Dr. Maureen McKenzie’s research.

Dr. McKenzie was a biochemist/ physiologist.

She had researched going on for over a decade into Alaska natives, the Eskimos, and their nutrition/diet.

Dr. McKenzie aimed specifically to fathom the reason for the Eskimo’s relative healthiness.

She also investigated the fact that they never contract major illnesses in large numbers.

The outcome of her research was that the Eskimos’ diet consisted mainly of wild Alaskan blueberries and sockeyes (a kind of salmon).

From these findings, she immediately recognized that they were superfoods.

Why blueberries in Kyani products?

Kyani blueberry ingredient

Regarding the blueberries, and after some research, Dr. McKenzie discovered that due to the extreme as well as the dynamic nature of the Alaskan weather, Alaskan blueberries were more nourishing.

In fact, she found that they contained about 40 times better antioxidants than the average blueberry.

So, if you are looking for a superfood, then you are now confronted with the Alaskan Blueberry as one of them.

If you can get hold of it, then eat them on a daily basis in small portions.

What are Kyani products made off?

blueberries in kyani

Today, the company behind the Kyani products advertise that their products are made from entirely natural ingredients.

And there is no suggestion out there that contradict this.

The product is therefore made of natural ingredients with the vast majority coming from Alaska.

For instance, there are Kyani weight loss products.

But the company also offer consumers a nice blend of superfood supplements with vitamins.

Having tried these before writing this Kyani product reviews, I can tell you first hand that they are “awesome” in taste.

However, I need to be honest here.

I feel that though these Kyani supplements are awesome, these are grossly under-researched and I cannot guarantee their positive effect on you.

Whether this healthiness is backed by factual research is difficult to say.

But what I can tell you is that the ingredients they use at the Kyani company are of high nutritional value. There is also evidence that these ingredients are good for your health.

Let’s take our cherished blueberry fruit as an example.

Researchers have managed to demonstrate that blueberries can improve memory in older adults. (1)

You can also lower your blood pressure by eating blueberries. (2)

And the one I really like is this one.

Blueberries have the ability to boost people’s mood. (3)

So, looking at just these three points behind blueberries, and taking into account the blueberries produced in Alaska has 40 times more antioxidants than the one produced locally, you can understand that Kyani is, maybe, on a winner product.

Below, we start with an overview of Kyani products.

Then, we go a little deeper with the components of a particular one — Kyani Sunrise –.

We finally consider their potency and cons in general.

Kyani Products review

There are many who can only speak about Kyani benefits.

And it is a fact that Kyani products are widely acclaimed for their health benefits.

But there are negative Kyani reviews and claims too, but we will get back to this later.

As a matter of fact, three of the products are collectively regarded as the Kyani triangle of health.

These are considered pretty much quintessential daily intakes for a healthy lifestyle.

They are Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset, and Kyani Nitro FX.

The Kyani programme tells us to take Kyani Sunrise in the morning, Kyani Sunset at night, and Kyani Nitro FX during the day.

Let us speak about the sunrise so you get an idea.

Kyani Sunrise Ingredients

Kyani Sunrise Ingredients

The Kyani Sunrise, as stated earlier, is a key Kyani product.

It is meant to be taken in the morning.

And it is probably the most essential part of the Kyani triangle of health.

Hence, examining its ingredients should be enough as a satisfactory examination of Kyani products for the purpose of our investigation.

Kyani Sunrise is an antioxidant juice made from different berries.

Its energy and health level boosting ability stem from the fact that it prevents cellular damage.

Below is a list of the most important Kyani Sunrise ingredients.

There is a summary of the individual contributions of each ingredient to the potency of the product.

Before going through the list, keep in mind once again that Kyani products rely on superfoods for their “awesomeness”.

aloe vera

  • Acai Berry – strong antioxidant.
  • Aloe Vera – immune system booster.
  • Aronia – antioxidant.
  • Ashwagandha – for vitality and virility.
  • Cranberry – for healthy digestion.
  • Broccoli – rich mineral and antioxidant source.
  • Grape seed – antioxidant.
  • Kale – rich iron and antioxidant source.
  • Spinach – rich vitamin source.
  • Mangosteen – antioxidant.
  • Maqui berry – antioxidant.

Now, if you look at the extended list above, you can say that one shot of the Kyani Sunrise should give you plenty ammunition for the day ahead.

It has antioxidants, iron, minerals, immune system booster, vitamin, etc.

So, by just reading the list, we should be convinced of its health potential. However, does this Kyani really work? Have a look below.

Does Kyani Really Work?

Does Kyani Really Work?

So, are Kyani products really capable of all their alleged health benefits?

Of course, it is very probable that the products have been so excessively hyped that they are worth nothing compared to what we hear.

The multi-level marketing nature of Kyani is especially responsible for this.

The fact is that the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) makes distributors so obsessed with marketing that they may make fallacious comments about the Kyani products.

But let’s consider some real facts here and I leave you to make your own conclusions.

On the good side, Kyani has an active science advisory board composed of scientists and doctors. And this is apart from the underlying scientific credence of the ingredients which influences the direction of the company.

This advisory board conducts active researches for the sole purpose of improving Kyani products.

In addition, there are many publications from top class researches by Kyani scientists.  This is also the case for independent researchers. All of the research gets a mention on the Kyani website.

This way, we know that science is still very much involved in the recipe making, and we can even check them.

There are doubts, however, regarding the potency of some alleged health-boosting ingredients in Kyani products.

For instance, inositol (many individuals call it B8) is a component of Kyani Sunrise.

This ingredient eliminates and redistributes body fat.

But inositol must combine with choline to form lecithin in order to perform this function.

So, the thing is that people behind the product do not give you all of the information about the Kyani, and not all are “true”.

However, this does not remove from the fact that Kyani uses natural products and these have a positive effect on your body.

Consumer Kyani review and reaction

Now, to the last but not least, Kyani consumers on Amazon have given Kyani an average of 3 stars out of 5 with the most percentage giving it a 5/5 followed by a 1/5.

This shows that past consumers are pretty much divided between loving the products and hating them.

The lovers claim they did manage to cure their allergies, high blood pressure, asthma, etc.

The haters claim the products are just excessively expensive pieces of junk.

Kyani Side Effects

Let us have a quick look at the possible side effects of Kyani.

Kyani products consist only of natural ingredients.

As such, and by definition, there are very few side effects. If you compare these to pharmaceuticals products, then you can almost say that there are no side effects.

Before mentioning the side effects, it is worth emphasizing that the most significant complaint of customers is the cost of the products.

Another complaint is the expiry of purchased products. you can prevent this by ordering directly from the company.

Now, speaking of side effects, Kyani Nitro FX contains noni.

While safe in its natural form (i.e. as a fruit), its safety as a food supplement is very questionable.

For example, it can cause liver disease, spontaneous abortion, and heart/ kidney failure due to high potassium content.

The other side effects are related to allergies to the ingredients.

This is why you should always check the list of ingredients in the Kyani product so that you do not contract an allergy.


I have to say that the taste of the Kyani products is great.

I love it.

But, I also love the fact that they use natural products and there is science behind it.

However, I dislike their marketing.

There is too much of it, but I cannot blame the company.

They are looking to earn money.

So, if I have something to say about the Kyani products, it is this:

They are a little expensive, they are great boosters for health, and they are natural.

Now make up your own mind.

Back to you

Now you have the means and knowledge to make an informed decision with our Kyani reviews.

You know that the products are full of natural ingredients and that the ingredient can play a part in your wellbeing.

You just have to make that decision whether you want to buy this.

A word of caution. This is a little expensive.

So think twice before going ahead with it.

Speak soon in another Omigy article.


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