Leaked Video: The Horrible Things Being Done In The Meat Industry!

The Association for the Protection of Animals: Animal Equality has in secret filmed hatcheries so as to show to the public what actually is going on in the chicken industry. The video has over 30 million views. This is the American factory, even though there are similar practices in the UK as well.

Hatcheries are the places where the chickens are born. Also, these animals are trapped in the net of the so cruel meat industry. Those small creatures are spending their first day of life in the industrial incubators and they are treated as mere machines.

Unfortunately, these tiny animals are separated from their mothers, and that is against every aspect of nature’s course because chicks should spend their first days of life protected under their mothers’ wings. Here, there is no compassion at all, but only disregard about their life…

Watch the following video and see for yourselves what horrors the chicks undergo:


Via :  www.healthtipsportal.com


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