Lemon with Garlic Mixture: Perfect for Clearing Heart Blockages

Lemon and garlic are used as a seasoning for salad or meat. People aren’t aware of the positive effects that these two offer to health and body when are combined together.


A high level of cholesterol means that LDL cholesterol has been accumulated in the main arteries which leads to a possible heart attack or other heart diseases.

The pharmaceutical industries offer a wide range of products which can help in the fight against these diseases, but why would one struggle for artificial remedies when there are natural and very efficient solutions. Namely, if you add garlic and lemon into your everyday diet, you will provide better circulation and a healthier cardiovascular system to your body.

The ideal cocktail for unclogging your heart arteries

 There are two ways of consuming and preparing the garlic and lemon solution.

Formula No. 1

Needed ingredients:

How to prepare it:

Pour all the ingredients in a pot and put them to boil for about 30 minutes. When done, let the mixture cool down and add 3 cups of organic honey. Stir until everything is properly combined, store the solution in a glass jar and keep in the fridge.


Consume one tablespoon of the solution every day before breakfast.

Formula No. 2

Needed ingredients:

How to prepare it:

Peel the lemons and the garlic and cut them into pieces. Put them in a blender and blend with some water. After that, pour the solution into a pot, add 2 liters of water and let it boil. Stir well until it starts boiling and afterward, cook it gently for 5 minutes more. In the end, store the solution in a glass jar and keep it in the refrigerator.


Consume the solution for three weeks, make a pause of one week and continue with three weeks more (6 weeks in total). Take 50 ml of it every day.

This remedy can be consumed two times a year (in every half of the year).

Source: houseofhealthyfood.com


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