There are loads of different diets that promise great results. Some are really working, but while exposing them constantly feel hunger, and you are mentally stressed because you know that limit.

Do not forget about the yo-yo effect after dieting – man calms down a few fatter and then makes up for lost imperceptibly.

To look and feel good, you need to completely change their eating habits. Not for a week, month or year, for life. And that is not necessarily associated with eating only fruits and vegetables in small portions. Here are some dietary tricks that will help you lose weight without hunger and diets:

Chew more, eat less

Studies have shown that the longer you chew your food, the less amount of it will take. Long chewing prevents overeating as it gives enough time for the brain to send signals to the body that it is a sieve. Experts advise chewing each bite an average of 35-50 times.

Do not skip breakfast

There is a reason it is called the most important meal of the day.

Your body needs several “energizing” during the day and when you skip breakfast, you’re hungry until lunch and are likely to overeat or meantime tightened calorie food and little things like crisps, croissants, and biscuits.

When skipping breakfast, you slow down your metabolism.

Experts advise eating something an hour after getting up in the morning.

Focus on food
How many times have you heard as small to not watch TV or talk too much while eating? This is because the distracted and multitasking brain can not focus on how much amount of food you eat. Imperceptibly eat more than necessary.

Do not overdo it with cooking

If fried, boil or fried dish, you will deprive him of many beneficial ingredients, as a result, it will not be as food and satiety and will soon get hungry again.

It’s good to avoid the maximum microwave.

Fruits before the main meal

It is advisable to consume fruits 30 minutes before eating anything solid. Eating fruit on an empty stomach helps to detoxify the body, the absorption of vitamins in them and provide sufficient energy to the body.

No late dinner

Dine no later than 20 pm. So the stomach will have enough time to digest food before sleep, and you will not be tempted to eat something small extra before you lie down.

Think of liquids

Adults should drink at least 10 glasses of water during the day, but few know when is the right time for it. If you take water between meals slows down the digestive system, because acidic juices in the stomach and subsequently ingested food is not handled well. To avoid this, drink water 15 minutes before or after meals.


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