Lower Your Blood Pressure Very Easy With This

High blood pressure leads to an alarming number of deaths each year.

Although it often does not occur in specific symptoms imperceptibly can cause heart attacks and strokes, and in rare cases, kidney failure. It is important to monitor your blood and if it is not reasonable for a longer period of time to consult a doctor.

Meanwhile, you can master its level of weight reduction or these simple changes in your lifestyle:


Brisk walking helps a lot in reducing blood pressure. Moderate cardio too! Try to include them in your weekly schedule at least 4-5 five times. In more intensive utilization heart more intensive use of oxygen.

Start with a few lighter workouts of 15 minutes and gradually increase the time and difficulty to them.

Breathe deeply

Several breathing techniques of meditation will immediately put under control your blood. Try to inhale and exhale slowly for 10 minutes in the morning and evening. If you can, sign up yoga or meditation.

Gain your potassium

You’ve probably heard about the negative effects of sodium on the body. Well, potassium neutralizes them, plug it into your diet. This important mineral you can get food like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas, peas, prunes, and raisins.

Reduce salt

Forget the chips, bacon and frozen chicken wings. Reducing salt can contribute to improving your health. Put extra salt only if it is absolutely necessary! Try to replace it with other more spicy and aromatic spices that give you the necessary pleasure from food.

Bet on dark chocolate


Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that make blood vessels more elastic. Choose one that contains at least 70% cocoa to take advantage of all its benefits.

Replace caffeine with tea

Herbal teas have a beneficial effect on your blood, especially one with hibiscus. There is no sense to tread with caffeine, since according to bunch research action is short, and he lifted temporary blood.

Do not remanufacture

Fatigue and stress are some of the main culprits for hypertension. Do not be enslaved by work, eat healthily and get enough sleep to give the necessary energy and relax your body and give him comfort and time to recuperate.


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