MAGICAL MUSTARD: You Won’t Believe How Healing it is!

You probably didn’t know that mustard isn’t only useful in cooking, but that it’s also an excellent remedy against pains and burns.

If you’ve burned yourself, just rub your affected area with a fat layer of mustard and your pain should quickly disappear.

And in the case you’re having trouble speaking, just mix some mustard with the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of salt, some honey, and half of cup of boiling water.

Once you mix everything together, let the mixture cook for another ten minutes, after which leave it to cool down and use a sip or two to gargle your throat. The mixture may not be the most pleasant smelling, but it is effective.


Mustard is also exceptional in relaxing sore and aching muscles, especially after excessive workouts. If you feel pain in any muscle on your body, make your own mustard bath.

To do this, just mix two teaspoons of mustard, a teaspoon of sea salt and put the mixture into a hot tub ow water. The mustard will boost the therapeutic effects of salt and the aches in your muscles will go away quickly.

You can also do a mustard footbath for your feet. In this case, add one teaspoon of mustard to a basin of hot water and stir until it dissolves. Once it does, just place your feet inside.

The same procedure can be used for back pain, but by mixing a paste made of mustard seeds and flour.

If you want to try this method, just put your mixture into some hot water and mix until you get a paste. Once you do, apply the paste on some gauze and put the gauze on your aching spot.


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