Make Sure You’re Popping Your Pimples The Right Way!!

How To Pop A Pimple: Dr. Oz Explains The Right Way To Pop A Zit With Extremely Realistic Prop

They’re a gross but very real part of life, pimples. They are red, and often painful to the touch, and very unappealing, these annoying spots plagued many of us in our teen years and continued to follow us into adulthood, to our fury.

We were taught not to touch the pimples on our face and especially not to pop them. Well, if you really feel like wanting to pop your pimple, you can. However, there is a special technique.

Our hands are generally covered with dirt, oil, and bacteria and that’s the reason we should never touch or pop our pimples. Prodding your pimples is simply going to make them look even worse. Well, we’re sure you can imagine what’s getting into your pores if you do that.

The best technique to pop your pimples safely requires only two tools… Here’s what you’ll need to banish that white head for good:


1. First, disinfect everything. Use the alcohol to disinfect your pimple, your fingers, and the needle.

2. When everything is clean poke the needle into the head of a pimple from the one side. Stick it through so it comes out from the other way.

3. Pull up the needle to pull out the white head.

4. Use your disinfected fingers to pull out the rest of a pimple.

Once when you have popped the pimple and you cleaned up the remains, make sure to clean the area with an astringent like witch hazel and moisturize with your face moisturizer.

If you try to pop a pimple in this region, you’ll squeeze the pus deep into the veins and with that cause a brain abscess. The veins leading to your brain can get clogged from this pimple pus and can cause a bacterial infection in the brain.


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