Lately, there have been a lot of rumors regarding the food in McDonald’s, or more precisely, what they put in their food. Namely, it is believed that they use pink slime and mechanically separated meat.

In order to fight off critics, the company has launched a PR campaign named Our food. Your Questions. The aim of the campaign is to allow customers to see how their food is made. Even though the company denied the use of pink slime in their burgers, there are definitely other questionable ingredients that they’ve confirmed using!

For example, they admitted using a chemical additive Azodicarbonamide in their buns. This same substance is found in yoga mats. However, they insist that adding rubber to food is safe. According to them, there are varied uses for this substance, and they provided an example with salt. The salt used as food is different from the one used for de-icing the sidewalk. The same goes for ADA- it can be used differently.

To make matters worse, they also admitted to using dimethylpolysiloxane in their food, an anti-foaming agent in their McNuggets frying oil. Nevertheless, they still claim that their beef is 100% beef. According to the chief brand manager of the company, customers shouldn’t judge them before they get to know them.

Super-Size Me is a great documentary portraying the health consequences from the consumption of such “foods”. When you think about it, how can yoga-mat buns be safe for consumption? Think about it…


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