Say Goodbye To Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Influenza and Phlegm

Inflammation of the sinuses causes the sinusitis and it’s normally a result of allergies as well as fungal, viral, and bacterial infections.

The most common symptoms of this condition include headaches, congestion, cough, heavy nasal mucus, a blocked nose, fatigue, and facial pain.

While some of us have short period inflammation of the sinuses, others are continuously being troubled by it. This article is for these people who are continuously having inflammation and sinusitis.

While many people take prescription drugs to this condition, the drugs usually have negative side-effects.

It is, therefore, advisable to focus on using natural remedies, which are more effective and don’t have side effects.

Here, we present you a recipe for one such remedy, which will treat the condition within no time.

Ingredients for sinusitis remedy:

  • Ginger – you can find it in most shops
  • Apple cider vinegar – you can find it everywhere


Grate the ginger in a platen and then mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass bowl. When done, cover the bowl and leave the mixture for 10 days, at room temperature, Shake it from time to time.


First, inhale the remedy by lowering your head over the bowl and covering it with a towel. Afterwards, soak a handkerchief in the remedy and place it on your neck overnight. Make sure you have protection for your cushions.

Do this treatment for five consecutive days and you’ll notice improvements. In addition, you’ll notice your pain significantly relieves thanks to the strong scent of ginger.

The inflammation in your sinuses will be alleviated and the pain will be relieved, thanks to the sharp smell of ginger.

Some may find this a little uncomfortable because ginger has a strong smell when being put in contact with the vinegar. But what would you prefer, a little discomfort, or a sinusitis. It is clear that a little discomfort is better than a long lasting sinusitis which is affecting your life.

But if you are not happy with the above remedy, then try this other way to use ginger as a home remedy for sinusitis:

Boil 50 grams of ginger root in a pot of water. Remove from heat and inhale with a towel over your head. This inhalation will relieve the congestion in your sinuses and treat the sinusitis symptoms.

Both remedies are effective and safe methods to treat your sinusitis better than prescribed antibiotics, but without their side effects.

They are very simple to make and if you are amongst the long lasting sinusitis victims, then try these. You’ll be amazed of the results.

Sometimes it just needs you to take action. So go to the shop, get some ginger, some vinegar, chose one of the two recipes described above, and heal your sinusitis.







Via Healthy life Byte