Forelock and cancer – What’s the relationship?

Forelock and cancer – What is the relationship?

I am not sure if you have heard about this, but there are people on the web saying that if you have a forelock on your head, then you are somehow immune to cancer.

I know this may sound a bit too much for you as much as it was for me.

But what if this was true?

I did investigate and here are my findings.

Forelock and cancer

What is a forelock?

First, let’s briefly discuss what is a forelock.

A forelock is just a piece of hair with particularity that it falls over your forehead. That’s all really.

But you need to know that a forelock was used for many things in the past.

For instance, people used it to show respects in the last century.

And I am not joking.

They did pull their forelocks to show respect to individuals who were supposed of a higher class than they were.

But a forelock is also a part of a horse’s mane. It is also called a foretop.

The foretop grows from the horse’s poll and falls forward between the ears and ends up on the forehead.

Some pony breeds have a naturally thick forelock.

On the other hand, horses have thinner forelocks.

Now, you really need to know this.

I came across an article saying that the Middle East and North African people all want to get a horse.

And this is due to the forelock of the animal.

It is said that whoever owns a horse and that rubs his hand on the forehead hair will somehow be lucky or to be more precise, he/she will be blessed.

I’ll tell you the relationship between forelocks and theMiddle East and North African believes a bit later below.

Do you like your forelock?

I am asking you this question because it is important for you to define this.

If you like it, then you’ll like it much more after reading a lot more of this article.

If you dislike it, then you may reconsider your position.

I personally never had one, so I cannot say I like or dislike these.

I just do not really mind them, but can understand that one who has this may build up a psychological condition against them.

Some of the issues associated with a forelock are the time it takes for you to comb it.

Usually, no matter what you do, the forelock will always go to the other side of the comb. And that will drive nut.

Most of the people with permanent foretop are required to put a ton of hair gel and light to calm.

But for the most severe cases, this does not help.

Now let’s see if this forelock is good for you.

Forelock and cancer

As discussed above, you may be angry with your forelock.

However, being angry will bring nothing.

On the other hand, there are scientists who say that a forelock is a ‘guardian angel’. A bit like for the horses for North African and Middle East populations (see above).

What scientists say is that they have found a direct relationship between human being forelock and cancer.

They say that if you have a forelock, your body may be genetically predisposed to fight cancer cells.

Now, we need to be cautious here.

This is early findings and I do not want you to take the hype.

Only a few individuals have been found to have this particularity and it is still early before one can make conclusions.

But people with forelocks have something different than the others.

Now, among these individuals, only the ones who have so-called “polarized cells” can have the right cells to fight cancer.

These individuals have a protein that prevents cancer.

The protein is part of a large family of proteins that control (1) cell division, (2) DNA replication and finally (3) cell self-destruction.

Tests have now been conducted on insects, by supplying them with the protein causing the forelock.

They studied the anticancer properties and observed that this disease was not present when the forelock molecule was present in the insect body.

Currently, the theory is that forelocks in humans will have similar causes.

Only the future will tell us.

The relationship between horses forehead and human

There is no such relationship, but more of a mental predisposition.

As horse owners in North Africa and the Middle East have a very low number of cancers, it is said that they are lucky.

So, that is where one can take this ‘lucky’ or blessed factor from.

However, whoever has a horse seems to have developed a happier life because of owning the horse, and as such thing positive.

From this simple fact, it seems that our body responds better to an easy happy life rather a depressed demoralized one.

As such, people with horses in particular and animals, in general, will be less subjected to diseases.

Now you know the link. Have a horse and be happier, or have nothing and be sick. The choice should be dead easy.


From now on, each time you’ll not be able to re-create the hairstyle you want, remember this article.

It’ll give you a little edge when compared to other individuals in this world.

You have those cancer-fighting genes in you.

And that is unique. So make sure that you keep it instead of fighting it.

There is still a need for more research in this field, but at least you know the truth.

Back to you

Forehands and cancer is not something that has been clearly researched and we cannot tell what will be the future.

However, what is for sure is that if you are happier, then you should reduce a lot of the risks associated with cancer and other dangerous diseases.

I hope to speak with you soon through another great Omigy article.


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