NUTMEG – 8 health benefits of nutmeg that only the smart knows

Did you know that just a little bit of nutmeg can do wonders for your body? Just grate some of it into a nice warm pumpkin soup and you’ll definitely improve your health. You cannot afford not to know about this nut, which is more accepted as a spice than a nut.

Here I’ll tell you why nutmegs are good for you. You’ll discover 8 things you probably never knew these little things can do.


What nutmeg tastes like?

Nutmeg has a nutty kind of taste. They are also sweet. This combination is great for dishes that need a little bit extra sweetness such as pies, cakes, soups, etc. You can find this spice already grounded or as a whole piece. The best way to keep their taste optimal is to store nutmegs in a cool and dark place.

Why is nutmeg good for you?

There are many reasons you should eat nutmeg. If you have not heard about this spice, then you should really pay attention to it. It can help your body quite a lot. As promised, here are the 8 reasons you should eat them.

1- Nutmegs are rich in minerals

This spice is really good for your immune system as eating it keeps it strong. As it has traces of minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, and manganese, you are sure to give your body plenty of these just by adding some dust of the nut to your food.

2- Boosts your blood circulation

In non-scientific type medicine (known as holistic), people use nutmeg to help with their blood circulation. As it is of high potassium content, it is used a lot of time as a substitute to standard medicine (though I do not suggest you should do this).

This is mainly used in countries where people have easy access to the spice, but do not have access to standard medicines. If it is good for them, then you may want to try it. Note that the nut is really good to strengthen your liver.

3- Nutmeg for easy digestion

Nowadays, a lot of people have digestive problems. Nutmegs is unique in that it can help you digest. The most important thing is that this spice has been used for centuries for that purpose. So go ahead and grate a little nutmeg into your food. You’ll surely have a happy digestive system thereafter.

4- Nutmeg to help sleep

When my children are a little bit stressed out, then I give them a glass of milk. Hot chocolate if they want it. But I do not forget to add a little bit of nutmeg in the mug just before they’d go to bed.

If you want to try other things, you can try to mix it with ghee. They you rub this around the temples at bedtime. This will lead you to sleep deeply. It shall also calm your busy mind.

5- Act as a natural toothpaste

We all heard about clove being a great spice for dental care. However, not many know of nutmeg for similar use. Nutmeg has antibacterial properties. These just fantastic for protecting your teeth and gums.

If you have access to nutmeg oil, know that this oil brings relief a toothache. The spice contains eugenol, and it is this substance that act upon your aching.

Have a look at different toothpaste when you go shopping, you’ll see that many of them contain eugenol. One little extra just for you, try to combine this spice with cinnamon. These two together make one of the most powerful antiseptics but also antimicrobial paste. Know you know.

6- Is nutmeg good for your skin?

Yes. In fact, people say that nutmeg brightens your skin. Mix a little bit of grounded nutmeg and honey with water. Make a paste and apply to your skin.

Your skin will become clearer and brighter. Just apply this and within a few days, you’ll see the results. Not that the same paste can help you reduce scars and alleviating acne, pimples, etc.

7- Protects, boosts and sharpen your most valuable organ – Your brain

Nutmeg is a great protector. Consuming it helps you boost your brain. This little spice contains a natural organic compound called myristicin. It also contains macelignan.

These are known to provide a brain shield against a number of brain degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s. So you know what to do. Get some of this spice to protect your most valuable asset.

8- Eases swelling and pain

If you have some swelling or pain, then you could try nutmeg essential oil. It has properties that relief your muscular and joint pain. Get the oil and apply it to the affected area. You’ll quickly feel better.

Where to find and buy Nutmeg?

This is another type of spices that is quite hard to get. Do not worry, I always try to find an easy solution for you. Click on the below picture if you want to buy some nutmeg. There are a lot of products on the page. So chose the one you like.


Now you know that this little spice is really good for you. It is good for your brain. Nutmeg fights against degenerative diseases. It also helps strengthens your immune system, it is good for your skin and helps you to sleep.

It is also good for children if you feel that they are stressed out. Do not consume too much of it in one go. At the end of the day, excess of any type of food is not good for anyone. This spice is full of active agents, so you may end up doing harm to yourself if you consume too much of it in a day.

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