Did you realize that I truly don’t like onions?

You didn’t? Well, what I didn’t know is that onions are a wonderful food. And, no matter whether you eat them raw or cook them they add so much flavor and nutrition every single meal. There are many varieties of onions, including red, yellow, white, sweet and tangy or sharp and savory. All of these have some important things in common. Want to know what are those things? Well, they’re delicious, nutritious and above all, great for your health!

Having your doubts? Just check out this article. In addition, we give you the amazing effects of onions. You will be surprised to know how versatile they are.

  • What are the health benefits of onions?

Onions have a variety of familiar health benefits. They are a major source of polyphenols and flavonoids which act as powerful antioxidants. They protect cells and body against damage that free radicals cause. Onions are heart-healthy, good for regulating blood sugar, and have anti-inflammatory properties that make them useful on many levels. They can also lower the risk of some forms of cancer, making onions one of nature’s best miracle foods. Here are the health benefits:

  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Bone health
  • Cancer protection
  • Digestion improvement


How to clear irritant from the eye? Cut an onion in half. Take half the onion and hold it directly below the problematic eye. Just be careful not to touch your eye! Let the tears flow and help to clear the debris from the eye.


How to treat vomiting? Grate and strain the liquid from one whole white onion. Brew a mug of peppermint tea. Measure out two teaspoons of onion juice and drink it down. After five minutes, drink the mug of tea. Repeat this process until your vomiting stops and nausea goes away.


How to remove warts? Cut a sliver of onion flesh just the same size as the wart.

Place the onion onto the wart and secure in place with a small bandage. Change the onion piece and bandage daily. Within days, the wart will be gone.

How to relieve earaches and earwax? Carve up an onion, reserving the innermost core. Cut the core of the onion into an ear-canal sized plug. Make sure it is long enough to grip easily. Place the onion core into your ear and leave it in place overnight. When you wake up to remove the onion piece and clean the ear. Your wax will come right out!

  • Some other benefits of onion
  1. Relieves sore throat and cough
  2. Improves hair growth
  3. Kills intestinal parasites
  4. Boosts your immune system
  5. Relieves wisdom teeth pain
  6. Relieves mosquito bites


Source: http://www.healthyandnaturalworld.com



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