People Are Now Eating Aloe Vera Instead Of Using For Lotion – Here’s Why

Eating Aloe vera is now trendy.

However, many people do not know about this.

What they know is that it is commonly used to soothe sunburns after a hot day.

And they are right as the plant contains substantial healing properties.

But what they do not know is that these properties can benefit your body, both the inner and outer.

Since it is more commonly used on your skin, a lot of people are unaware of the additional health benefits this plant offers for your inner body. Let’s investigate these.


Grown in warm temperature climates such as Texas, Arizona, and Florida, aloe vera is a cactus-like plant that produces latex and gel, most commonly used for medicinal and health purposes, according to WebMD. The gel is found in the aloe vera leaf, while the latex can be scraped off of the skin of the plant.

Both aloe vera latex and gel can be taken orally for health benefits purposes. However, only the aloe vera gel can be applied directly to your skin. The aloe itself, in whichever form you choose to use it in, contains properties that can help eliminate any bacteria that may be lurking around your body.

Traditionally, aloe vera has been used as a moisturizer, but now people are reconsidering how they use their aloe vera at home. Aside from using aloe vera to moisturize and soothe sunburned skin, more and more people are discovering new ways in which aloe vera can benefit their overall health. The following are some beneficial discoveries according to WebMD:

Cancer Prevention

By consuming aloe vera, you could reduce your risk of growing lung tumors or from getting lung cancer, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Eating Aloe Vera against Constipation

To help relieve yourself of constipation, take aloe vera latex orally. Yet, just be aware that it can sometimes cause the opposite – diarrhea.


Triglyceride levels decrease when aloe vera is present in your body, which is especially important for diabetics who are trying to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Aloe vera can help get your digestion back on track. The plant assists with eliminating digestive bacteria from your system, thus getting your pH levels back on course.

HIV Infection

Aloe vera contains acemannan, which has been shown to combat the HIV virus while simultaneously stimulating the immune system.


If you suffer from psoriasis, drinking aloe vera juice can actually help with that. The juice from the aloe plant is considered to be anti-inflammatory, according to Prevention, which can help you get a healthier-looking skin.


According to Dr. Axe, this beneficial plant contains powerful antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, C and E. It also contains vitamin B12, choline, and folic acid.

Weight Loss

Eating Aloe Vera, at least 147 mg, twice a day for just eight weeks, you could reduce your body mass and body weight significantly.

Although there are many health benefits to using aloe vera on the outside of your body, now you know how this powerful plant can improve the inside of your body as well. Both ways will do wonders for your overall health.

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