Your Poop Can Tell You If You’re Healthy!

When we go to the bathroom, we normally never think about our poop.

We just go and flush and that’s it! Little do many people know is that our poop can say a lot about our health. It can sometimes even save your life!


1. What is the poop actually?

When you do a number two, you are actually getting rid of what’s left of the food after the metabolism has absorbed all nutrients.

Doing this is essential for overall health, as the body needs to get rid of all the unnecessary waste. The way the poop smells and looks can be really indicative of what is happening in your body.

2. Different kinds of poop textures

Separate, hard, nut-like lumps
If your poop looks like this, it means that you aren’t drinking enough water and getting enough fibers. Make sure you drink a lot of water and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Smooth, soft, sausage-shaped
This is what poop should look like if you are healthy.

Liquid, without solid pieces
This means that you have diarrhea. It usually indicates that you have some kind of infection. When this happens you start losing a lot of liquids, so make sure you drink plenty of water. If you don’t do so you may get dehydrated.

Lumpy, sausage-shaped
It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong, but you should increase water and fiber intake just in case.

Soft blobs that have clear-cut edges
If you are doing a number two several times a day, this is perfectly normal.

Sausage-shaped with cracks all over the surface
This kind of poop is perfectly normal. However, the cracks may be a sign of insufficient water intake.

Mushy, fluffy pieces with ragged edges
This kind of poop is somewhere between normal and diarrhea. Make sure you take enough liquids and see a doctor about a possible infection.

Soft and sticky
If the poop sticks to the side of the bowl, this may indicate that your body is not absorbing fats as it should. This happens due to excess oil. This is indicative of pancreas problems.


3. Different poop colors

– Brown: this means that you are normal and healthy. The brown color comes from the bile that is produced in the liver.
– Green: it may happen when you eat a lot of leafy green vegetables or maybe green food coloring. However, it may also indicate that the food is moving too fast through the large intestine.
– Yellow: if your poop has a yellow color, it means that you have excess fat. It is caused by celiac disease (a malabsorption disease)
– Black: this color should not be ignored. It means s that you are having an internal bleed which can be caused by cancer or ulcers. This is commonly caused by some vitamins which contain iron or bismuth subsalicylate. If this happens you should see a doctor.
– Light-colored, white, or clay-colored: If your poop has these kinds of light shades, it can mean that you have a bile duct obstruction. It can also mean that you are taking some sort of medication that causes these colors. You better see a doctor to be sure of the reasons.
– Red or blood-stained: Blood in the poop may indicate cancer. You should always go see a doctor in such a case.
4. Some extra facts

When you eat, the food will travel into your digestive system 1-3 days until it ends up as poop.
The contents of the poop are undigested food, bacteria, mucus, and dead cells.
If your poop is healthy it should sink slowly
– How often should you do a No 2?

Normally, people go two times per day but the number varies from person to person. As it all depends on one’s metabolism, doctors say that you are fine as long as you feel comfortable with your own frequency.

– How to keep the poop healthy?

If you want to be healthy and help your body get rid of waste better, make sure you consume fiber-rich foods, drink a lot of water and do exercises on a regular basis. If you are still experiencing problems, try taking dietary fiber. To make sure you help your colon get the poop out of your system more easily, drink lots of water and always stay hydrated.

– When to be worried and see a doctor?

If you notice something unusual about your poop that goes on for a certain period, make sure you see a doctor. Do not ignore the signs that the poop is giving you, as they may be essential to catching a lot of ailments and diseases in the early stages and curing them.


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