Press And Hold This Point on Your Chest to Instantly Relieve Stress And Anxiety

The traditional Chinese medicine has slowly found its way into modern practices, due to its effectiveness and original treatments which never fail to deliver effects.

Nowadays, massages, meditation, yoga, herbal medicines, tai chi, and dietary therapies are popular in the West as well.

Acupressure is one of the most beneficial and popular Chinese techniques, used to treat pain and provide relaxation by pressing certain points on the body. It has been used for more than 2,500 years, and its effects are impressive!

Our common Western practices primarily rely on scientific research and pharmaceutical drugs, while the traditional Eastern medicine focuses on the overall nature of a person, as a combination of the physical, spiritual, and mental health. Furthermore, its advantage is that its methods are simple enough to be done on your own.

The inner energy of the body, or known as chi, is channeled in order to relieve anxiety and stress and maintain an inner balance. Acupressure boosts circulation supports deep relaxation, soothes pain, and reduces muscular tension.


This is how to use acupressure and solve your health issues:

  • Initially, gently press the area between the eyebrows with the thumb or index finger for 45 seconds
  • Still, press the area and push upward to the midpoint of the forehead and repeat this for 60 seconds
  • To support relaxation, you should control your breathing and take deep breaths
  • Return the finger between the eyebrows, but this time at the slope of the nose, and at the same time, press on the point in the middle of the sternum, between the pectorals.

This acupressure method will help you reduce stress and soothe headaches since it stimulates deep breathing, and the pressure applied to the chest will improve the mood.


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