When You Read This, You Will Immediately Throw Away Your Bath Sponge!

After a long day or an exhausting workout, a hot bath might be your top priority. But before you start scrubbing, take a look at your bath sponge, and ask yourself how long it’s been since you replaced it.

If you can’t remember, it’s probably been too long. You might think you’re just being economical; but hanging on to a well-used bath sponge may mean that you’ve created a new home for bacteria and mold; a home that touches your body on a daily basis.


Most dermatologists are undivided that the bath sponge should never be used!

When used mesh sponge, dead skin that is removed during bathing actually remains on it, and when after that you leave this sponge in the wet and warm atmosphere inside the bathroom, excellent conditions for the development of various bacteria, fungi and mold is created inside the sponge.

If you still use a mesh sponge on just shaved skin, things are even worse. Bacteria can then retain the small wounds and thereby cause infection as well as many other skin problems.

If despite all of this you really want to use these sponges, it is good to wash and rinse them very well after use and leave to dry place out from the bathroom. Follow our advice and change the sponge every four weeks or a little earlier. You must throw it away immediately after you feel a strange odor or traces of mold.


Source: http://runhealthylifestyle.com/


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