After Reading This, You’ll Never Look At Beets The Same Way Again

We can easily say that beets are one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. Their nutritional value is kept both raw and cooked.


Beets have been used in the treatment of various ailments for centuries. They were mostly used for treating blood disorders such as anemia (iron deficiency) because they are rich in iron.

Beets contain a lot of iron, of all plant products iron content of the beets is the second to garlic. And the iodine content of the beets is the second to Kale.

Beets are loaded with many healthy nutrients and they can boost your metabolism as well. They also give your body potent antioxidants that are more common in red beets.

Reasons why you should include beets in your diet

  • Beets contain polyphenols and betalains which reverse the effect of free radical damage and oxidative stress in people.
  • Beets contain many minerals including magnesium which improves the health of your bones; potassium, and folate which improve the health of your heart; copper which destroys free radicals; iron and phosphorus which are responsible for the production of energy; iodine which is involved in the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones.
  • Beets contain various vitamins including B complex vitamins and PP which strengthen capillary walls.
  • Beets contain cobalt which promotes the formation of vitamin B12 (which is synthesized by intestinal microflora. Without this vitamin and folic acid, the formation of red blood cells would be impossible.
  • The folic acid in beets can rejuvenate the body, thus contributing to the creation of new cells.
  • Beets contain betalain pigments that remove toxins from the body.
  • Beets contain betacyanins, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
  • Beets improve digestion due to the dietary fiber.
  • Beets boost metabolism.
  • Beets help digest vitamin D in the body.
  • Beets can prevent dementia because of their high concentration of nitrates which are transformed in the mouth into nitrites. Many studies have confirmed that nitrites can open up the blood vessels in the body, thus increasing the blood flow and helping oxygen to get to those areas that lack oxygen.
  • Beets contain pectin which is in greater numbers than in carrots or apples. Pectin deals with the excretion of radioactive and heavy metals from the body. In addition, pectin also inhibits the spread of harmful intestinal bacteria and prevents the development of a whole range of diseases.

As you can see beets possess a plethora of medicinal and healing properties which also include reducing the amount of cholesterol, blood pressure, strengthening capillary vessels, providing anti-sclerotic effects and improving brain and liver function, and help improve fat metabolism.




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