This Recipe Will Help Your Hair Grow Twice As Fast !

Does everyone wish they had longer, denser and shinier hair?

We can help you with the solution. Did you know that red onions juice can reduce hair loss, grey hairs and can speed up hair growth while it can improve its quality at the same time?


Hair growth speed depends highly on genes, but because of external and internal factors, our hair does not grow with maximum speed. Therefore, there are some homemade recipes that exist for a long time and are very useful.

One such recipe is the red onions juice which is even practiced by Hollywood celebrities. Numerous studies have shown that red onion is capable to reduce hair loss in 87 percent of the cases. Moreover, you will be positively surprised by how your hair looks in just a month. Also, dermatologists claim that there are no negative consequences from this method neither for the hair or scalp.

Red onions are rich in sulfur which stimulates collagen production that is crucial for hair growth. Furthermore, the red onions juice is very positive for improvement of the blood circulation in the scalp and it reduces any possible skin inflammations since it is rich in antibacterial properties. This juice will strengthen your hair, open up the hair follicles and prevent any possible scalp infections. People who have tried this method claim that the results are visible after one month.

How to do it:

Wash off and cut two to four onions and squeeze them to make a juice. You can make the juice in a blender or a juicer as well. Then add one tablespoon of honey in the juice and mix well. Afterward, massage your scalp with the juice and then leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. The smell is strong but worth the effort. Wash off your hair after 30 minutes. This treatment should be practiced two to three times per month.




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