Reduce sitting time for healthy lifestyle

Almost four for every penny of all passings – around 433,000 every year – are because of the way that individuals spend over three hours a day simply taking a seat, a study has found.

Different studies throughout the most recent decade have exhibited how the inordinate time we spend taking a seat may expand the danger of death, paying little respect to regardless of whether we work out.

The new study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, now estimates the proportion of deaths attributable to the ‘chair effect’ in the population of 54 countries, using data from 2002 to 2011. “It is important to minimize sedentary behavior to prevent premature deaths around the world,” said lead author of the study Leandro Rezende from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.



He also highlighted that “cutting down on the amount of time we sit could increase life expectancy by 0.20 years in the countries analyzed.”

The results revealed that over 60 percent of people worldwide spend more than three hours a day sitting down – the average in adults is 4.7 hours/day – and this is the culprit behind 3.8 percent of deaths.

Even a more modest reduction in sitting time, by 10 percent or half an hour per day, could have an immediate impact on all causes of mortality (0.6 percent) in the countries evaluated. According to experts, measures aimed at addressing the determining factors behind this sedentary conduct would be necessary.

“Some examples of this approach were recently highlighted by the World Health Organisation,” Rezende said. “For example, a strategic health communication campaign was developed to promote physical activity among women in Tonga (Oceania), while a bicycle-sharing system was developed in Iran in addition to a sustainable transport system in Germany,” he noted.

The authors calculated that reducing the amount of time we sit by about two hours (by half) would mean a 2.3 percent decrease in mortality.

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